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Legal Advice Centre


Our staff, students and volunteers have worked to create a range of different resources which can be used to help people understand the law. Some of these are resources to empower those seeking legal advice to move their situation forward if specific advice cannot be sought. Others are lesson / session plans for people who wish to run public legal education workshops.

Within our website you can also find a range of information videos which our students have created.  Where possible we have tried to use different Creative Commons licences to enable materials to be shared and used widely. We ask that you always check the date of the resource and that our students be credited for their work. We have tried where possible to use Creative Commons licences.

If you would like to make any amendments to the content, please get in touch at so that we can send you amendable versions of the materials.

If you would like to book our students to deliver a session as part of the I Am You project then please contact us on

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