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IT Services

IT Service Desk

If you have a problem with or question about one of our applications, you should first visit our Guides section for advice. If you are unable to find an answer from these pages, please raise a ticket in our Online Helpdesk system, or you can send an email to You will need a QMUL account to raise your query.

You can also phone the IT Service Desk on 020 7882 8888. See ways to contact the Service Desk on the ITS Support page.

Once you have raised your query you will receive a ticket number. An IT Services Service Desk Analyst will pick up your ticket within 24 hours and investigate the issue. If they are not able to resolve the issue for you, the IT Analyst will escalate your ticket to second-line support.

Our second-line support is a dedicated Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) specialist who will be able to resolve most TEL functional and administrative queries (see below). However, if second-line is not able to resolve the issue, the ticket will be escalated to either third line technical support, or third line TEL support. Tickets at third-line support generally require more investigation or may require an appointment with a member of our team. Some tickets at this stage may be unresolvable in the short term and may need development work.

Examples of queries for the Service Desk (not an exhaustive list)

IT Services Service Desk Analyst (first-line support)

  • Login issues (e.g. can’t login, can’t remember password etc.)
  • Affiliate account creation (e.g. need an account for an external member of staff)
  • Bulk enrol users onto course areas or into groups within courses
  • First check on issues such as: hidden courses, assignment submission, user not enrolled on course

TEL Support Analyst (second-line support)

  • Course creation and deletion, category structure and end of year course rollover *
  • Course back up and restore *
  • Course enrolment and roles (e.g. custom enrolment or set up problems)
  • Errors with using the technology (e.g. adding an activity in QMplus or viewing a Q-Review recording)
  • Investigate user errors (e.g. assignment submission problems, students not enrolled)

* School administrators (our ‘super admins’) have the ability to perform these tasks

TEL and ITS Applications teams (third-line support)

  • Training and development (e.g. how to and best practice, course enhancement) – TELT
  • Site design and theming – TELT
  • Policy and strategy (change management) – TELT
  • Development/plugin management – TELT
  • Testing (e.g upgrades, plugins and development work) – TELT
  • Technical problems (e.g. user authentication errors, activity errors) – ITS
  • Installation (e.g upgrades, plugins and development), performance and service monitoring – ITS
  • System integration issues (e.g. SITS, SMART, TII, QMPer, Echo360, Talis etc.) – ITS
  • Permission management – ITS
  • Reports and capacity planning – ITS

Staff can also join our online E-Learning Practitioner Forum and be a part of an online community of QMplus and Q-Review users who share and exchange ideas, questions and best practice. More information on the Network section of our website.

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