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Institute of Population Health Sciences (IPHS)

Ms Nadia Ayed


PhD Student



I am a PhD student at the Unit for Social and Community Psychiatry. My project focuses on exploring social relationship among people affected by homelessness. I am particularly interested in exploring and critiquing the concept of social capital when used in the context of homelessness. I am also interested in how social capital may relate to housing, mental health, quality of life and substance use. The PhD is mixed methods.

I received a First Class Honours (BA) in Psychology, Politics and Sociology from the University of Cambridge. I went on to complete my MSc (Distinction) in Mental Health Studies at King’s College London.

As part of the London Interdisciplinary School Science Doctoral Training Partnership (ESRC funded) I started my PhD here at Queen Mary Jan 2019.

I have an honorary contract with East London NHS Foundation Trust.


Research Interests:

My MSc dissertation explored the role of social capital in transitioning from  At Risk Mental State (ARMS) to receiving a diagnosis of Psychosis.

After my MSc I moved back to Cambridge to work as a Research Assistant at the Centre for Family Research. During this time, I worked on a project headed by Prof Susan Golombok exploring child-parent relationships among adoptive children in gay, lesbian and heterosexual families. During this time I supervised undergraduate students from the Psychological and Behavioural Sciences Tripos in the family paper.

My supervisory team includes: Professor Stefan Priebe, Dr Victoria Bird (Unit for Social and Community Psychiatry) and Dr Janelle Jones (School of Biological and Chemical Sciences)

For the PhD, I am collaborating with numerous NHS specialist-homelessness services and third sector organisations.


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Ayed, N., Athker, S., Priebe, S., Jones, J. (2020). How is social capital conceptualised in the context of homelessness? A conceptual review using a systematic search. European Journal of Homelessness.  

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