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Institute of Population Health Sciences (IPHS)

About us

The Institute of Population Health Sciences (IPHS) at QMUL, established in November 2019, is a centre of excellence in population health research and teaching.

The Centre for Clinical Trials and Methodology is a centre for expertise in clinical trials (particularly cluster randomised and stepped wedge trials), medical statistics and health economics. It includes the Pragmatic Clinical Trials Unit, which has been conducting clinical trials and other prospective studies since the 1990s. The Centre for Global Public Health coordinates a large programme of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in Global Health and is strongly focused on nurturing social equity, justice and sustainability; as well as driving forward an agenda towards health systems that are universal, comprehensive and operating in the public interest. The Centre for Primary Care and Mental Health is at the forefront of improvements in East London primary care; developing and implementing advances in mental health care and complex interventions. The Centre for Women’s Health undertakes multidisciplinary research to understand why a woman and her unborn child can become ill and how they can stay healthy.

The Institute is a partner in the Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research and supports the Research Design Service London.