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View of London skyscrapers in Bank at sunset Letter: A partnership model is a way to restrain excessive risk-taking
30 June 2020

Professor Rosa Lastra has co-written a letter in the Financial Times in response to an article suggesting that policymakers have not focused on how to restrain excessive leverage

View of a glass office building from the ground up with the cloudy blue sky reflected on the surface Professor Rosa Lastra is Principle Investigator for Legal and Economic Conceptions of Money
16 June 2020

This project will reconsider the intersection between law and economics with an emphasis on the contribution that law can make to economic conceptions of money

EU flag ‘The ECB Mandate: Perspectives on Sustainability and Solidarity’
4 June 2020

Professor Rosa Lastra has co-aurthored an article which analyses the ECB mandate in light of its primary objective of price stability along with its secondary objective to support the general economic policies in the Union (Article 127 TFEU)

Should private sector debt relief be part of the Exit Strategy?
19 May 2020

Professor Rosa Lastra and Professor Rodrigo Olivares-Caminal took part in an online Private Debt Workshop

Professor Rosa Lastra profile image Lockdown is exposing the folly of reckless financial strategies
7 May 2020

Research on pension funds by Professor Rosa Lastra featured in Financial Times

Equity finance: matching liability to power
5 May 2020

Professor Rosa Lastra has co-authored a new article which questions the wisdom of limited liability for all equity holders in the case of banks and systemically important financial institutions (SIFIs)

Lee Buchheit profile image in black and white Visiting Professorial Fellow Lee Buchheit discusses sovereign debt with Stephen Cole
10 December 2019

Visiting Professorial Fellow at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies, and founding member of the Sovereign Debt Forum, Lee Buchheit is interviewed by Stephen Cole on The Agenda on sovereign debt.

Prof Rosa Lastra and panelists at the Matching liability to power for the CSFI event Matching liability to power: A proposal for a two-tier equity structure for banks and SIFIs
28 November 2019

Professor Rosa Lastra discusses her upcoming paper with Professor Charles Goodhart for the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation.

Panelists at the Sovereign Debt Forum Sovereign Debt Forum
13 November 2019

Queen Mary collaborates with Georgetown and Duke to address debt distress

The Centre for Commercial Law Studies launches an inaugural event with The British Institute for International and Comparative Law
7 March 2019

The event will look closely at the Innovations in Investment and Finance with a focus on sovereign wealth funds and regional development banks.