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Institute of Banking and Finance Law


The Institute of Banking and Finance Law offers three LLM programmes to students coming from the UK and more than 80 other countries around the world:

Additionally, the Institute of Banking and Finance Law offers a Law and Finance MSc, an International Finance Law PGDip (Certificate and Diploma of Scandinavian Programme). The Law and Economics LLM and the Law and Finance have also developed some new modules, some of which are open to general LLM students: Law and Finance in Practice, Economic Application of the Law, and Macro-economics for Lawyers.

The LLM programmes provide a thorough grounding in the fundamental principles of international finance and financial services law, covering local and international developments from both practical and policy prospective. From financial regulation, corporate finance law, and mergers and acquisitions, to online banking and fintech, students choose from a wide selection of modules. The modules cover a wide range of regulatory and transactional areas, including monetary law, banking law, securities regulation, insolvency, central banking and international finance law. Students are engaged in current banking and finance policy making and legal regulatory reforms. The studying experience is complemented by seminars featuring prominent figures from the legal profession, industry, international organizations and academia.

The Law and Finance MSc is a programme offered by the Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS). This specialist programme provides students with professional postgraduate training to advance their career in the City, government or elsewhere in the private sector. It is designed for students with an academic background in Law who want to learn more about finance and financial students who want to learn more about financial regulations. Students have the opportunity also to study within the Institute for Global Law, Economics and Finance (IGLEF), a forum for interdisciplinary study and research in the areas of law, economics and finance. With the support of CCLS and IGLEF students are able to access the latest advances of applied research and develop a thorough knowledge of market-based finance and financial law. Students are taught by industry experts, many of whom advise and work with institutions including the World Bank, the IMF, the Bank of England, the European Union and the WTO.

The International Finance Law PGDip (Certificate and Diploma of Scandinavian Programme) is a unique opportunity for law students from the University of Gothenburg and the University of Bergen to gain a Postgraduate Certificate in International Finance Law from Queen Mary’s Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS). Students have the opportunity to study in London for one semester (September to December) and choose from a wide range of banking and finance modules and study alongside Queen Mary University of London students.

Programmes in Paris

Laws (Paris) LLM in Banking and Finance Law: This innovative LLM offers students, teaching in English by Queen Mary academics. Students can benefit from our School of Law’s prestige and an international setting. They can choose from several pathways in commercial law, leading to specialisms in banking and finance law. The LLM in Paris is a twelve month Master of Laws programme, with a start date either in September or January. Modules are taught usually over intensive daytimes blocks, or evening classes, with occasional Saturdays. The intensive classroom time allows students a more flexible timetable and to retain or undertake commitments outside LLM study. However, the LLM is a demanding programme, and modules should not be viewed in terms of classroom time only.

Students are part of a wide and dynamic student body. CCLS Paris LLM modules are available to students from various Queen Mary LLM programmes and students share modules with a number of different students from the Paris Bar School (a way to gain the LLM in parallel to Bar studies in Paris by way of the partnership between Queen Mary University of London, CCLS and EFB) and Sorbonne-Queen Mary Double LLM 

The Sorbonne-Queen Mary Double LLM is an innovative eighteenth-month bilingual programme to combine Queen Mary University of London’s LLM in International Business Law with the Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne’s LLM in French and European Law. This is a unique opportunity to study international and comparative business law in French and English at two renowned institutions.

Commercial Law Dual LLM (London and Singapore)

The Commercial Law Dual LLM is a unique opportunity for students to study commercial law in two major commercial hubs: London and Singapore. Students gain a broad overview of Asian commercial law in Singapore and, through their intensive specialist study in London, an in-depth understanding of commercial law and its application to everyday practice. The programme is a highly intensive sixteenth months degree programme where students gain insight into the legal underpinnings of commerce in the West and East. They gain a greater variety and breadth of experience than a standard one year programme, and they are awarded a Dual LLM in Commercial Law (London and Singapore) from Queen Mary University of London in the UK and Singapore Management University (SMU) in Singapore. 

Teaching staff

The combined expertise of the academic staff provides the students with a wide range of skills to go into practice, the judiciary, academia, regulatory agencies, the financial world or international organisations. 

Professor Rosa M. Lastra teaches in the areas of banking and central banking law, financial regulation and international economic law; Professor Olivares-Caminal teaches in the areas of insolvency, corporate finance law, mergers and acquisitions, and sovereign debt; Professor George Walker teaches in the areas of banking, FinTech and international finance; Professor Sir William Blair teaches in the area of dispute resolution, finance and ethics; Professor Kokkoris teaches in the areas of corporate finance law, and competition law; Dr Andromachi Georgosouli teaches in areas of securities regulation, insurance law, and principles of regulation; Dr Costanza Russo teaches in areas of corporate governance and ethics in finance; Dr Daniele D’Alvia teaches in the areas of corporate finance law, mergers and acquisitions, investment banking, international finance and international financial regulation; Dr Katrien Morbee teaches in the areas of corporate finance law, mergers and acquisitions and art and money, sustainability and green finance.


The Banking and Finance Law LLM is one of the most popular LLM programmes and financial law modules are an integral part of the Certificate and Diploma in International Finance Law. The courses offered among the programmes previously illustrated are variegated and complimentary to a sound understanding of financial law and financial markets. The courses are also developed in light of recent new regulations and legislative updates, such as ethics in business and finance, digitalization, regulation of crypto assets and fintech, sustainability and climate change. Specifically, the current offer comprise of the following modules divided per semesters:

Semester A23

Semester B23

Semester C23

Please note: this information is subject to change.

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