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Electives Enrolment Information

This page contains everything you need to know about the Electives Enrolment process, here at Queen Mary.

Electives Enrolment Information

Your enrolment consists of 2 stages:

Stage 1: Pre-Enrolment

You should complete the Pre-enrolment task in MySIS as soon as you receive it via email. This is where you provide us with some information about yourself, upload proof of identity and a photo for your student ID card. If you require immigration permission in order to study in the UK then you must upload evidence of that here, too.

Stage 2: Queen Mary Enrolment

This stage is where we will check that the information and documentation you have provided is correct. If we have everything that we need, we will complete your enrolment remotely and will notify you by email once this has been done that you are now fully enrolled. If for any reason we require further information from you, we will be in touch.

Information about your enrolment

Please see the tabs below for further information about the enrolment process:


The enrolment process will commence once your offer of placement has been accepted, this is usually closer to the time of your elective placement (approx. 2 weeks prior), and you have received an email to inform you that Pre-Enrolment is now available to you.

You will be contacted via the email address provided via your application, inviting you to complete Pre-Enrolment via MySIS. This email is only sent to those who have accepted their offer and met all the conditions of that offer. Your MySIS login details are included in the email and you can start Pre-Enrolment straight away. The subject line is ‘Pre-Enrolment at QMUL is now available!’.

These emails are not sent out as soon as you have accepted your offer, but closer to the time of your placement, so please do not be concerned if you are yet to receive your invite as soon as you accept your offer.

Pre-enrolment involves you confirming with us your information that is on our systems and whether any amendments would need to be made.

You will also need to upload the following images/documents:

  • A photo of yourself
  • A photo that confirms your identity and/or nationality
  • Evidence that you have met the visa requirements (if applicable)

Please be aware that if you do not upload a suitable photo of yourself and a valid identification document and evidence of your immigration permission (if required) then we will not be able to start 'Stage 2: Queen Mary Enrolment'.

You will receive an email to confirm when you have completed Pre-Enrolment successfully. The email subject line is ‘Thank you for completing Pre-Enrolment’. Once you have successfully completed Pre-Enrolment, the next stage of your enrolment is Queen Mary Enrolment. Please note – you are not a fully enrolled student yet.

Helpful Tips:

    • If you have less than 2 weeks before you programme start date and you haven't received an invitation to complete Pre-Enrolment (remember to check your junk folder!), please email in the first instance
    • In MySIS, Pre-Enrolment is accessible via the 'My Enrolment' tab.
    • You should upload a photo of yourself under 'Photo Upload' and a photo of your identification (e.g. passport) under 'ID Upload'.
    • If your telephone number is not being accepted, ensure you have selected the correct country code and your number is in a valid format.
    • Your progress will be saved and you can revisit the task at any time to amend information until you submit the Declaration. Submission of the Declaration is the final step and completes the task.

After you have completed Pre-Enrolment in MySIS,  we will start Queen Mary Enrolment ahead of your Elective Placement start date. This is where checks are carried out on the information and identity documents that you have submitted.

We aim to complete our checks within 10 working days of you submitting the Pre-Enrolment task. 

Please be advised that if you have not uploaded a clear photo of yourself and sufficient identification document (i.e. a clear photo of your passport biographic details page) and evidence of your valid immigration permission (if required), we cannot proceed with Queen Mary Enrolment.

Please check your email regularly for confirmation of your enrolment status. We will send an email to your QM email and personal email addresses to confirm what your enrolment status is. The email subject line is ‘Your Enrolment at QMUL’.

You can also check your enrolment status within the ‘My Details’ section of your MySIS account - scroll down to ‘Enrolment Status’.

Once you are enrolled, you will be invited to collect your ID card from the Student Enquiry Centre on the 1st day of your Elective Placement. You would also be required to collect an additional ID once you arrive at the hospital that you have been allocated to. The Medical Education Team will be in contact with further information.

Once you have been enrolled, you will be able to access certain QMUL buildings and libraries for the duration of your Elective Placement.

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