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Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
Various head shots of SMD staff

FMD people

Women playing a sport Sophia Prout
26 July 2023

Meet Sophia Prout, our Faculty Communications Manager in Medicine and Dentistry 

picture of female staff member smiling Victoria Burns
26 July 2023

Meet Victoria Burns, a Multimedia Producer in the Digital Education Studio 

Dr Safiya Virji
26 July 2023

Meet Dr Safiya Virji, a Senior Clinical Lecturer CBME and Deputy Head of Year 3 MBBS in the Institute of Health Sciences Education

Picture of smiling brunette woman Dr Georgina Hosang
26 July 2023

Meet Dr Georgina Hosang, a Reader in Mental Illness & Chronic Diseases in the Wolfson Institute of Population Health 

A picture of Dr Jo Elliot smiling Dr Jo Elliott
31 May 2023

Meet Dr Jo Elliott, a Reader in Learning Design within the Digital Education Studio in VP Health Office

Picture of Carla Valentine holding a skull Carla Valentine
3 April 2023

Meet Carla Valentine, our Pathology Museum Technical Curator & Public Engagement Officer

Profile photo of Kamrul Islam Kamrul Islam
3 April 2023

Meet Kamrul Islam, our Research Manager at Genes & Health

A photo of PhD student Nikita Patel Nikita Patel
8 February 2022

Meet Nikita Patel, final year PhD student at the Centre for Translational Medicine and Therapeutics, and co-host of a youth panel at COP26. 

A photo of Dr Louise Younie Dr Louise Younie
17 November 2021

Meet Dr Louise Younie, Clinical Reader in Medical Education at the Institute of Health Sciences Education, who talks about her work on 'flourishing in medicine'. 

Professor Graham Easton Professor Graham Easton
21 September 2021

Meet Graham Easton, Professor of Clinical Communication Skills, who shares some fascinating insights into patient communication. 

Professor Richard Hooper
2 September 2021

Meet Professor Richard Hooper, Professor of Medical Statistics and Deputy Centre Lead at the Wolfson Institute of Population Health, who talks about his fascinating research into clinical trials. 

A photo of Dr Martin Griffiths in scrubs Dr Martin Griffiths CBE
2 July 2021

Meet Dr Martin Griffiths CBE, consultant vascular, endovascular and trauma surgeon at Barts Health NHS Trust, alumnus of Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry 1991, honorary clinical senior lecturer at the Blizard Institute, and National Clinical Director for Violence Reduction NHS England and Clinical Director for Violence Reduction NHS London. 


A photo of postdoc researcher, Emma Atakpa Dr Emma Atakpa
28 June 2021

Meet Dr Emma Atakpa, Postdoctoral Data Scientist at the Centre for Cancer Prevention within the Wolfson Institute, who talks about her fascinating work developing models to predict risk of breast cancer. 

A photo of Dr Jordi Lopez-Tremoleda Dr Jordi Lopez-Tremoleda
22 June 2021

Meet Dr Jordi Lopez-Tremoleda, QMUL University Veterinarian and Senior Lecturer in Trauma, Animal Science & Welfare at the Centre for Trauma Science within the Blizard Institute

A head shot of Dr Sadani Cooray Dr Sadani Cooray
7 June 2021

Meet Sadani Cooray, Senior Lecturer in Molecular Pharmacology and Programme Director BSc and BMedSci Pharmacology & Innovative Therapeutics at the William Harvey Research Institute.

Sheila Barasa
27 May 2021

Meet Sheila Barasa from Barts Cancer Institute, who is undertaking a PhD in high grade serious ovarian cancer.

A photo of Aylin Baysan Aylin Baysan
17 May 2021

Meet Aylin Baysan, Reader in Cariology in relation to Minimally Invasive Dentistry at the Institute of Dentistry.

Heidi Downes
4 May 2021

Meet midwife Heidi Downes, who talks about her work as an Antenatal Screening Counsellor at the Wolfson Institute, and about her campaign to fight for justice for a group of women ignored by history books.

A photo of Ruairi Robertson Dr. Ruairi C. Robertson
26 April 2021

Meet Dr. Ruairi C. Robertson, Sir Henry Wellcome Research Fellow at the Blizard Institute, who talks about his fascinating research into the human gut microbiome.

A photo of Dr Ruth Dobson Dr Ruth Dobson
6 April 2021

Meet Dr Ruth Dobson, Consultant Neurologist at Barts Health Trust and Clinical Senior Lecturer in Neurology at the Wolfson Institute. 

A photo of Dr Zahra Raisi-Estabragh Dr Zahra Raisi-Estabragh
14 March 2021

Meet Dr Zahra Raisi-Estabragh, British Heart Foundation Clinical Research Training Fellow and Cardiology speciality trainee at the William Harvey Research Institute.

A photo of Dr Dipesh Gopal Dr Dipesh Gopal
8 March 2021

Meet Dr Dipesh Gopal, GP and NIHR In-Practice Fellow in General Practice, from the Institute of Population Health Sciences.

A photo of Robert Tucker Robert Tucker
22 February 2021

Meet Robert Tucker, BLSA LGBT+ Officer and third-year MBBS student. Robert is currently running unopposed for BLSA President. 

Professor Chloe Orkin
13 January 2021

Meet Professor Chloe Orkin, Consultant HIV Physician at the Royal London and Professor of HIV Medicine at the Blizard Institute. 

A photo of Alison May Berner Alison May Berner
7 January 2021

Meet Dr Alison Berner, Speciality Trainee and Clinical Research Fellow in Medical Oncology and the Barts Cancer Institute, and Specialist Registrar in Gender Identity at the Gender Identity Clinic, Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust. 



This page is dedicated to showcasing the diverse and talented people working and studying at our faculty. If you would like to be included, contact details are at the bottom of the page. 


To be included in the FMD People series, please email Laura Simpson . 

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