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Disability and Dyslexia Service


As of April 2019 Queen Mary University of London is able to offer all of its students access to an online support service called ‘Togetherall’. This is no way designed to replace or outsource the work that student wellbeing services do, e.g. counselling provision and access to the mental health specialists within the Disability and Dyslexia Service; rather, it can complement the work we do, particularly outside of our regular office hours, i.e. in the evenings and at weekends.

Many of our students write to us requesting support in the early hours of the morning or at weekends and we acknowledge it may take a few days to receive a response and even longer to actually see someone. Togetherall provides immediate support whilst you’re waiting for an appointment to see someone in Student and Academic Services. If you access Togetherall there is no negative impact on your wait for support through our services; it’s just another option that you may want to explore.

Togetherall offers unlimited, 24/7 accessible online support – you can connect with peers, chat online to clinicians, use self-help resources, join groups or take self-assessments. Lots of students at lots of universities find it an incredibly helpful resource. It is also completely confidential and staff at the university cannot see what you are writing or sharing.

To join Togetherall follow this link and sign up using your Queen Mary University of London with your university e-mail address.

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