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Dr Domniki Chatzopoulou, Dipds, MClin Dent in Perio(Eng), Cert Clin Spec in Perio(Eng), MDFTEd(RCSEdin), MFDS(RCSEng), SFHEA


Specialist Periodontist, Senior Clinical Lecturer in Periodontology and Implant Dentistry Postgraduate Course Director for Doctor of Clinical Dentistry (DClinDent) in Periodontology Training Programme Director for Periodontics (on behalf of Health Education England) ITI Fellow

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7882 8639
Room Number: Office 11, Floor 4, Institute of Dentistry


Domniki qualified in 1998 in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, School of Dentistry with an outstanding student class rank and honours. She has been a highly trained Specialist Periodontist for the last 21 years with an increasing volume of international lecturing commitments and consultancy. She was awarded a performance scholarship for her MClinDent degree sponsored by the State Scholarship Institute (IKY) in Periodontics at the Royal London Hospital which she completed this with distinction in 2001.

Following completion of her Postgraduate training in the Department of Periodontology in Royal London Hospital of Queen Mary And Westfield College and further training in Advanced Periodontology and Implants, she was offered a Clinical Academic Lecturer appointment developing an academic carrier and special professional activities in Periodontics and Implant Dentistry.

She has an Honorary clinical contract  with Bart’s and the London NHS Trust for the above post and she holds a clinical academic grade as a Senior Clinical Lecturer and is  appointed as Course Director for the DClinDent, Master of Clinical Dentistry in Periodontology/ Diploma in Advanced Clinical Periodontology for Centre for Oral Immunobiology and Regenerative Medicine. She is Training Programme Director on behalf of HEE for Periodontics.

She has an interest in the management of  complex periodontal problems including Surgical Periodontal Regeneration, Mucogingival Surgery and Implants.

In addition, she teaches, as a Senior Clinical Lecturer in the University  which includes the three monospecialities of Periodontology, Prosthodontics and Endodontology, postgraduate students and junior staff members for six sessions and gives more than 20 clinical presentations in a year as a part of junior, senior staff and consultant’s education programme.

She has been one of the course organisers for HEE and leads on three main courses of section 63 post graduate education related to Mucogingival Surgery, Risk Management in Periodontics and Periodontal Regenerative Therapy.

During her treatment sessions she treats patients with all types of periodontitis especially those requiring mucogingival surgery, as she is one of the senior clinical leads in mucogingival surgery in the department.

Her clinical time is divided between private periodontal practice in West London and the Royal London Hospital. She works also as a Consultant Periodontal Lead in the Specialist Periodontal Service which has been commissioned by NHS North East London and the City Trust. Dental practitioners in Tower Hamlets refer patients with complex periodontal needs to this service.
She is involved in postgraduate and undergraduate education and in clinical training, having given national and international lectures nationally and supervising session solely engaged in dealing with Periodontal problems along with Oral Aesthetics and Implant Dentistry.

She works in close contact with other specialists like oral medicine specialists, endodontists, prosthodontists, and maxillofacial surgeons for the treatment and management of difficult periodontal cases.
Along with her academic career and various national and international professional  activities such as audits, appraisals, job planning her clinical time is engaged in the management and treatment of complex and advanced periodontal cases what are essential to high quality patient care.


2020:  Senior Fellowship of Higher Education Academy                                                                  

2019:  Distance learning module for redeployed dental surgeons in the COVID 19 Pandemic

2018 – To Date:Training Programme Director - HEE England
• Provision of effective clinical leadership.

• I lead postgraduate admission and chair termly programme meetings  with relevant staff, overseeing programme reviews.

• I provide leadership and direction with respect to the quality of education  and training between three London Dental Institutes.

• I provide expert advice on specialty-specific matters with an emphasis on trainee progression including academic trainees.

• I have reviewed and developed interdisciplinary and multi-professional healthcare teams. This includes innovative multilevel education courses and liaison groups.

• I am responsible for 32-42 trainees per year including ACF/ACL.

2017 – To Date:  Director Postgraduate Course - Doctorate of Clinical Dentistry in                            Periodontology DClinDentPerio

This is an integrated 3-year taught course, jointly examined with RCSEd, comprising 6 modules (540 credits). On completion, successful candidates qualify for entry onto the GDC Specialist list for Periodontics. I lead postgraduate teaching and  training and manage the day to day  programme delivery. I am responsible for the delivery of strategy, direction, curriculum development and assessment. This  with  an emphasis on securing  competencies, fitness to practice, life-long learning, postgraduate support, quality assurance, assessment and postgraduate educational governance.

• Approximately 16 QMUL students per annum to include an average of 2 ACL/ACF.

• Teaching methods are primarily small group/seminar sessions, and chairside, supported with individual clinical research supervision and mentoring and lab-based supervision.

• Clinical Supervision of more than 84 periodontal surgeries and 25 implant surgeries per year), average of 7  lectures per year (17 hours in total).

• Director MRD Revision journal clubs; facilitator and provider role (total of 40 hours per year) and ‘‘Surgical Case Presentation’’ seminars (22 hours per year).

• I am lead examiner and have developed and generated entirely new quantifiable formative and summative assessments, to meet policies and procedures set by QMUL Academic Registry and Council Secretarial (ARCS) and supported by the electronic QMUL programme via (MySiS).

• In respect of content development, I have developed an online portfolio via ISCP, London Deanery along with the latest introduction of on-line ITI academy.

2017 – To Date: QMUL Senior Clinical Lecturer

Additional teaching responsibilites at QMUL include:-

• Clinical supervisor for Periodontic, Prosthodontic and, Restorative Dentistry trainees and ACLs, ACFs in Implant, Periodontology and New Patient clinics.

• Provision of lectures & workshops for the D Clin Dent Periodontics / Prosthodontics program and for the Specialty Trainees in Restorative Dentistry to include topics such as:-
1. Periodontal Surgery-Crown Lengthening
2. Biologic width around Implants
3. Maintenance of Implants
4. Soft tissue management around implant at second surgery

• In my capacity as ‘‘Perio-Endo Interface’’ I deliver approximately 2 lectures and 2 workshops per annum for the MSc in Endodontics.

• In my capacity as ‘‘Perio-OMFS Interface’’  I provide clinical supervision within the OMFS trauma clinic and run a weekly lunch time seminar on periodontic treatment for facially injured patients.

• Lead clinical instructor for the funded “Periodontal Surgery-Mucogingival Problems in Periodontology and Implantology.
2017 – To Date: BDS 5th Year
• Co-instructor for implant workshop.

• Two lectures on Periodontal abscesses and Endo- Perio interface.

2015 – 2020: UCL Eastman Dental Institute

• Lead senior Lecturer for Aesthetic Dentistry Programmes  -  CPD.

• Member and Board examiner for the Certificate and Masterclass courses in Aesthetic Dentistry:-
1. Crown Lengthening and Socket preservation, Aesthetic Periodontal Plastic Surgery
2. Approximately 9-16 students  per year.
3. Taught primarily via small group/seminar sessions, and chairside, supported with lab-based supervision.

Pre-2017 Teaching Responsibilities

2011- 2015:  Academic Lead for MClinDent in Periodontology
                      2 year taught course- 9 modules-360 credits
                     Academic Lead for Diploma of Advanced Clinical Periodontology
                     1year taught course- 6 modules-120 credits
                      (Merged to become DClinDent in Periodontology in 2015)

2009 -2010:   Visiting Senior Clinical Lecturer in Biomaterials
                       School of Dentistry, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

2007 – 2011:   BDS 4th Year
• PRD 7 Postgraduate/Undergraduate Senior Tutor & Examiner.
• Implementation and development of a Surgical Dressership programme to increase exposure of 80-110 under-graduate students per annum to advanced periodontics.

2002 – 2011:   BDS 3rd Year
• PRD 5 Tutor & Second Marker for Periodontal ICA2.
• Management of Simple Periodontal Disease.

2002 – 2009:    BDS 5th Year
• Course Co-Director for Educational and Practical content for part of the “Treatment Planning and Integrated Restorative Care” module.

2002 – 2007:   BDS 4th Year
• Tutor and Course Co-Director for Practical Workshops related to Periodontal Surgery I and II

2002 – 2007: BDS 2nd Year
• PRD 3 Tutor:  &. Second Marker for Periodontal ICA1

• Assessment and Use of Periodontal Instruments
(ii) Academic Supervision  -  As 2nd Supervisor:-

Completed and  Title
2019  A Survey of the professional opinions of Kuwaiti Dentists for the treatment and management of dentine hypersensitivity:A Questionnaire based study. 

2019  Obesity and Oral Diseases/Conditions - Part 1 - Prevalence of Oral Diseases/Conditions in Obese Patients, a systematic review.Part 2 - Salivary inflammatory biomarkers for Periodontitis in an Obese Patient Population.

2018  Efficacy of a toothpaste containing potassium in desensitizing dentin hypersensitivity.

2017  The prevelance of periodontal pain with scuba diving.

2016  A survey on the attitudes of dentists in Kuwait with specialty or special interest on regenerative procedures with emphasis on the techniques and materials used for the treatment of infrabony defects and root coverage procedures.

2015  Enamel matrix derivative absorption on hydroxyapatite and titanium in water and simulated body fluid using quartz crystal microbalance.

2014  A critical review of the literature of the impact of smoking as a risk factor for dental implant failure. Dose of cigarette smoking and implant failure.

2012  A survey on the attitudes of UK dentists with specialy or special interest on regenerative procedures with emphasis on the techniques and materials used for the treatment of infrabony defects and root coverage procedures.

2011  A questionnaire based survey investigating the interest in periodontology and preferences for the treatment of localized gingival recession by dentists in the UK.




Research Interests:

1)  BMPs and growth factors with the following thesis title: Expression of a Novel BMP-responsive transcription factor in periodontal ligament cells.

2) Associated to different clinical trials which are related to prognostic factors and aggressive periodontitis and in different thesis of the post graduate students during their supervision for the last 11 years.

3) Tissue culture, molecular biology and PCR –ELISA techniques

4) Questionnaire models on international management of hypersensitivity

5) Role of biofilm in the secondary infection of mandibular fractures



Articles & Peer Reviewed Papers

Contribution in study design, protocol, Ethics: P, Experimental phase (lab (L) or clinical (C): L or C, data analysis: A, manuscript: M, editing/comments: E 

1. Holmes S, Bhatti N, Bhandari R, Chatzopoulou D (2020).  Toward a consensus view in the management of acute facial injuries during the Covid-19 pandemic. BJOMS vol 58 (5)  : 571-6 -  A,M,E

2. Holmes S, Hutchinson I, Chatzopoulou D (2020) Broken jaws in the COVID era. British Dental Journal vol 228 (7) : 488.  - M,E

3. Shshtari H, Chatzopoulou D, Gillam D(2020). The Prevalence of Periodontal Pain Associated with Scuba Diving: A Questionnaire Study. ES Journal of Dental Sciences vol. 1, (1)P,A,ME

4. Gillam D, Chatzopoulou D(2019). A Survey of Dentists in the Management of Dentine Hypersensitivity: A Questionnaire-based Study. European Journal of Dentistry 10.1055/s-0039-1694306  - P,A,ME

5. Gillam D, Dashti N, Chatzopoulou D(2019). A Survey of the Professional Opinions of Kuwaiti Dentists for the Treatment and Management of Dentine Hypersensitivity: A Questionnaire-based Study. Jacobs Journal of Dentistry and Research vol. 5, (02; 046) 1-13. - P,A,ME

Book Chapters

1. Gillam Dg, Chatzopoulou D(2018). Post Operative Pain Following Non Surgical and Surgical Periodontal Procedures. Periodontology and Dental Implantology, Editors: Manakil, J, Edition. First Edition, intechopen Limited (London),

2. Siaili M, Chatzopoulou D & Gillam Dg (2013) An introduction to periodontal regeneration. Dental Nursing December Volume 9 (12) 686 - 691

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