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Data-Centric Engineering

CDT Management Team

The CDT is run by an experienced team of academics and a full-time professional CDT Manager.

 Professor Rizvi is grant-holder for EPSRC and STFC DTPs, Director of Training in the STFC Data-Science CDT, and sits on the NERC London-DTP Governing Council. On the DCE CDT, he provides overall strategic direction, and is responsible for annual reporting, evaluation and producing the recommendations from operation of this pilot for EPSRC, UKRI and other HEIs.


Prof Sandler, FREng,FIET,FIEEE,FAES was the original PI/Director of the MAT CDT. He has been head of School/Dept. at QMUL/KCL, and an active member of the RAEng Research Committee. He leads two partnerships with BBC R&D overseeing their placement procedures. This role will be responsible for engaging project-partners, ensuring appropriateness of industry projects to the students, and explore new relationships. He will oversee Scholars during their placements.


Prof Bryan-Kinns is PI/Director of the MAT CDT. Bryan-Kinns was Director of Admissions for the School overseeing undergraduate and postgraduate admissions, and will implement the new recruitment process for this pilot. As Director of the MAT CDT he has experience on attracting students from a wide-range of disciplines onto a technology PhD programme. This also affords him better knowledge of supporting student cohorts with particular needs. He will also be responsible for the Scholars' experience throughout the programme.


Dr Chen is MSc Programmes Coordinator overseeing delivery of all level-7 engineering and materials science programmes. Chen leads the postgraduate student-staff liaison committee to assure academic standards and enhance the student learning-experience. He is PI of the EPSRC Creative@home project, leading research-team training. Chen will lead the design/implementation of the training programme, the Scholars' progression, and engage academic support.

Dr Caminotto is the Admin Lead of Centre for Doctoral Training in Data-Centric Engineering, and is the first point of contact for current EngD Scholars and prospective applicants. Alongside the Directors, she is responsible for leading on and managing the activities of the Centre, including its widening participation aims, student recruitment and link up with industrial partners, the training programme, student support and development, and ongoing evaluation of the programme.

Gabriella has several years’ experience as a Higher Education administration and student support professional in the UK, with a focus on doctoral education. Gabriella's background is in Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion, and she previously worked as an Equality Charters Adviser (Athena SWAN) at the Equality Challenge Unit (now Advance HE). Gabriella has a PhD in Language and Communication from City, University of London, and is an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. She teaches on the first core course, An Introduction to Research Methods & Responsible Innovation, which aims to support Scholars as they return to, or begin, university study.

Our Scholars 

Our Scholars are an integral part of the DCE CDT Team - find out more about them below:


Pryanka Chadha, EDS

I am a full time, enterprise doctoral scholar on the Data-Centric Engineering Programme. My interests are in health and how we can leverage technologies to improve our health. My doctorate research focus is looking at the impact of air pollution on fetal development, and how machine learning can be used to better predict adverse pregnancy outcomes due to pollution exposure. I am working under the supervision of Dr. Tina Chowdhury (QMUL), Prof. Jonathan Grigg (QMUL), and Prof. Anna David (UCLH).

Prior to joining the DCE Programme I worked as a healthcare consultant at PwC. I worked on a number of large-scale fascinating projects, including the Covid-19 vaccination programme. I am interested in further developing my technical and research skills to add valuable knowledge to society.

In my free time I enjoy working out (home workouts have forever replaced the gym for me!), yoga, bouldering, skiing and long walks in nature.

Follow me on Twitter @PryankaC

Dimitrios Gousis, PDS

My name is Dimitrios (Dimi) Gousis and I am a full-time Professional Doctoral Scholar in the Centre for Doctoral Training in Data Centric Engineering. I am from Greece and in 2017 I graduated from the University of Thessaly with an Integrated Master’s Degree (equivalent to M.Eng) in Computer and Communications Engineering. After my graduation, I moved to the UK and in 2018 I graduated with a Master of Science Degree (MSc) in Big Data Science and Technology from the University of Bradford. While I was an MSc student, I completed my dissertation as a full-time Data Scientist Assistant at JustPark, a startup based in London. This company offered me my first professional contract as a full-time Junior Data Scientist after my graduation. Since then, I have worked as a Data Scientist for different companies like Virgin Media and Channel 4.

My research interests are around Multimedia Information Retrieval. I am passionate to get a better understanding of TV viewers, about the emotions they receive when they are watching video-based content. I intend to use Machine Learning and Deep Learning to have successful results. During my career as a Data Scientist, I have been massively involved in projects that lead Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategies, by applying Machine Learning. Furthermore, I love getting my hands dirty with engineering-oriented use cases, to support my team and my colleagues. Finally, I always strive to deliver quality with coding, by using cutting-edge technologies and best practices.

In my free time, I enjoy doing sports. As a kid, I was playing football and basketball, and recently I fell in love with tennis. I’m also a curious traveler because I want to visit as many places as possible and discover all the amazing experiences that our planet has to offer.

Find me on LinkedIn:

Nadeem Khondokar, EDS

Content in progress

Zimpi Komo, EDS

Content in progress

Peter Lock, EDS (PT)

My name is Peter Lock and I am an Enterprise Doctoral Scholar in the Centre for Doctoral Training in Data Centric Engineering.  I graduated from Imperial College London with a PhD in Petroleum Engineering and have worked extensively in petrophysics, modelling flow through porous media.  Most of my career has been dedicated to working within core analysis projects for major operators worldwide.  My specialties are NMR relaxometry and determination of the electrical properties of reservoir rocks.

Recent changes within the Oil and Gas industry has led me to develop an interest in chemo and data centric problems.  My current research is in the use of virtual screening machine learning based methods to aid in the design and synthesis of cannabinoids with therapeutic potential.

I work in Dr Christopher Jones’ synthetic organic chemistry group which is dedicated to developing new synthetic methods that have impact on the efficacy of the drug discovery process. 

In my free time I enjoy the multisports of swimming, cycling and running and do try and get some pool time in. I also try to get out to a time trial under Victoria CC when I can. I’m also a frequent session and stand in bassist.  I’m typically invited to step in when the rhythm section suddenly decide to do a runner 24 hours before a bands next gig.  Such is life!

I’m on LinkedIn at but tend to use that Facebook thing for keeping in touch!

Yemisi Oyeleke, PDS

Content in progress

Aaron Smiles, EDS

Aaron is a full-time Enterprise Doctoral Scholar on the DCE CDT, and a telexistence researcher at the Human Augmentation and Interactive Robotics (HAIR) Lab, part of the Centre for Advanced Robotics (ARQ), under supervision of Dr Ildar Farkhatdinov. His research combines machine learning and spatial computing to develop new technologies for underwater robotics.

As an experienced entrepreneur, he recognises the value in research with industry impact and has a keen eye on R&D that contributes to the coming Internet of Skills (IoS); the next evolution on from the Internet of Things (IoT), and the intersection of robotics, spatial computing/web (XR: VR/AR/MR), haptics/the tactile web, and 5/6G. IoS will realise the opportunity for expert skills to be accessed almost anywhere using robotic avatars without risk to human life. Many scenarios exist (remote surgeries, space station repairs, natural disaster rescue). Aaron has chosen to focus on underwater worlds, in partnership with the National Oceanography Centre, due to a lifelong passion for the oceans and marine life.

Aaron got his MRes in Digital Media from Newcastle University, where he took his research project into production and ran a VR music production software development company for several years. During COVID he got an Executive MBA from Quantic School of Business and Technology in tandem with a Professional Certificate in Data Science from IBM, whilst working at SuperWorld. In his free time, he can be found dabbling in the kitchen, or, perhaps unsurprisingly, near/in/on/under the water somewhere.



Kishan Sthankiya, EDS

Content in progress

Caitlin Woods, PDS

Content in progress

George Wright, PDS

Content in progress

David Carun, EDS

I am an EngD student within the Centre for Doctoral training in Data-Centric Engineering and the QMUL School of Mathematical Sciences, supervised by Dr Martin Benning.

Previously, I was a project & programme manager, and have worked at an Associate Director level at various built environment consultancies such as Gleeds, Arcadis, and GVA (now Avison Young). My research interests lie in the areas of sustainable urban development and civic participation and empowerment, and my work at the DCE CDT focusses specifically on how computational design and analysis – including but not limited to Machine Learning and Generative Design – can be deployed to understand and mitigate carbon – embodied and emitted – in newbuild urban developments.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Anna University, India, and a Master’s in Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment from the University of Cambridge. In my spare time, I volunteer as a governor at a local secondary school and as a Planning Advisor for the RSPB. I have also just started to learn the violin.

Sibi Catley-Chandar, PDS

My name is Sibi Catley-Chandar and I’m currently a computer vision research engineer at Huawei and a Professional Doctoral Scholar (PDS) in the Centre for Doctoral Training in Data-Centric Engineering. 

My research interests are in computational photography, with a focus on high dynamic range (HDR) imaging. I’m especially interested in ways to use statistical modelling of the image formation process to improve deep learning methods.

I’m supervised by Dr. Eduardo Perez Pellitero, Professor Greg Slabaugh and Dr. Martin Benning.

Outside of research I enjoy road cycling, running, skiing and walking the dog with my wife.

Please visit Sibi's personal webpage for recent publications.


James Henderson, PDS

James Henderson

My name is James Henderson and I’m an electronic engineer a Plextek as well as a Professional Doctoral Scholar on the DCE CDT at QMUL. My interests lie in microwave and millimetre wave electronics, particularly for radar applications, and I am focussing my research in the area of steerable millimetre wave antennas under the supervision of Professor Yang Hao and Dr James Kelly.

As well as my interests in engineering I am also a keen gymnast, having competed nationally for the past decade and aim to continue as long as my body is able.


Ashish Patel, EDS (PT)

Content in progress


Marvin Taylor, EDS (PT)

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