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Data-Centric Engineering

Pre-application workshop videos and slides

The videos and slides on this page provide guidance on how to prepare your application, and it is therefore strongly recommended that you refer to this material before submitting your online application form and supporting documents. 

Part 1 Workshop: Developing Your Career in Data-Centric Engineering

Recordings from part 1 workshop available below:

Video 1) Welcome and an Introduction to Data-Centric Engineering

Video 2) Our Training Programme in a nutshell

Additional videos are available on these webpages: training, our two routes

Slides from part 1 workshop:

Workshop 1 2022 - Eram's slides [PDF 77,084KB]

Part 2 Workshop: Communicating Your Skills in Your Application

Recordings available below:

Video 1) An Introduction to the application process and competencies

Video 2) The Competencies Statement

Video 3) The Research Proposal, identifying & contacting a prospective supervisor, the Self-Reflective Statement, and the CV. From approx. 29:40 - end: Where to upload the supporting documents; timelines and next steps

Videos 4, 5, & 6) Our Scholars Pryanka, George, Sibi, and David talk about their experience so far and give you some application tips


W2 2022 the Competencies Statement - NBK [PDF 306KB] (video 2)

W2 2022 The Research Proposal - ER [PDF 2,505KB] (video 3)

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