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Data-Centric Engineering

Our two routes

Enterprise Doctoral Scholars and Professional Doctoral Scholars

In the first video below, our CDT Director Eram tells us about the two routes of Scholars we support:

Enterprise Doctoral Scholars (EDSs): talented individuals who have faced barriers to education. EDSs will join us on our programme as full-time Scholars and will be awarded a tax-free maintenance stipend on top of fully-covered tuition fees in order to address financial barriers;

Professional Doctoral Scholars (PDSs) are currently employed in STEM professions with industry partners. We establish a partnership with their employer, whereby the Scholar is able to continue working and turn their day-to-day research work into their doctoral thesis or portfolio, therefore completing the programme in 4 years (instead of 7 years part-time alongside work). 

For both routes, the programme length is 4 years and leads to the QMUL award of Doctor of Engineering (EngD).  

How does this EngD programme work and how is it different?

Enterprise Doctoral Scholars are full-time Scholars. In addition to taught courses, they take part in training and research activities, seminars, supervisory meetings, and a programme of industrial placements. Full-time EDSs are expected to dedicate 35 hours per week on average to their studies, research, and training. 

Ask us about flexible options: 

Professional Doctoral Scholars (PDSs) are employed within a partner organisation, usually in a Research & Development role. They keep their role within their company, and they also register as full-time students. They carry our the bulk of their research at work, under the supervision of an industrial supervisor and two QMUL academic experts. We help them negotiate time release to participate in the taught and training elements of our programme (one day a week on average, mostly during term time).

For more information about our Professional Doctoral Scholar route, please watch the videos below, visit our partners webpage, and contact

PDS brochure [PDF 182KB]

See more about our training programme


How can you tell which of our two routes is the best option for you? Answer 3 quick questions and follow the flowchart below to find out. 

EDS or PDS flowchart (PDF) [PDF 93KB]

In the video below, our PDS Sibi tells us a bit about a typical week in the life of a Professional Doctoral Scholar.

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