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Data-Centric Engineering
Data-Centric Enginering programme. Credit:Queen Mary University of London


Our Advisory and Evaluation Board

The role of our Advisory & Evaluation Board is to advise the CDT Management Team on the planning, monitoring and delivery of aspects of the CDT, including:

  • Ensuring the CDT is true to the commitments made in the EPSRC’s Mobility Pilot Terms & Conditions of Award;
  • Ensuring that the delivery of the training programme is in-line with research training strategy and EPSRC Postgraduate Training requirements;
  • Ensuring financial management of the DTP is fair and transparent

The Board will also advise on our evaluation activities, including the following areas:

  • Recruitment and Admissions
  • Research Skills and Professional Development
  • Research Culture, Cohort Identity, and Wellbeing
  • Long-term Engagement and Impact

The Advisory & Evaluation Board is chaired by Prof Seb Oliver, Deputy Pro Vice Chancellor Research and Professor of Astrophysics at the University of Sussex.


Dr Jane Wellens, Head of Graduate School, University of Nottingham;

Dr Rebecca McKelvey, Founder, In2Science and In2Research UK

Dr Kate Jones, Head of Learning and Professional Development, Vitae

Dr Owen Gower, Director, UK Council for Graduate Education

Olivier Thereaux, Head of Research and Development at the Open Data Institute

Partner Representatives:

Dr Peter Waggett, Emerging Technology Director, IBM

Dr Marcus Walden, Principal Consultant, Antennas and Propagation, Plextek

Carol Fletcher, Head of Academic & Research Partnerships, BT

Dr Graham Thomas, Head of Applied Research, Production, BBC

Dr Michael Terrell, Head of Data Science, Channel 4

Michael Roche, Senior R&D Manager, Baxter International

Prof Sajad Haq, Chief Scientist Advanced Services and Products, QinetiQ

Dr Nick Ludford, Section Manager, TWI

Dr Alec Gunner, Corporate Operational Improvement & Business Strategy, TWI

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