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Blizard Institute - Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Bone marrow failure and related disorders

The principal research interest of Professor Inderjeet Dokal and Dr Tom Vulliamy is bone marrow failure (BMF) focusing on the genetics of the inherited BMF syndromes, particularly dyskeratosis congenita (DC). Their research has highlighted the important role of telomeres in humans and the consequences of telomere dysfunction including dysregulated human development, premature ageing, increased risk of BMF and cancer. Current research is focused on elucidating the biology of the many uncharacterized cases of DC, BMF, familial myelodysplasia/leukaemia  (with Professors Jude Fitzgibbon and Jamie Cavenagh) as well as studies aimed at correction of the cell defect with the long term aim of developing new therapies for this group of patients.


Research Group

Professor Inderjeet Dokal

Dr Tom Vulliamy

Dr Amanda J Walne

Dr Hemanth Tummala

Laura Collopy

Shirleny Cardoso

Alicia Ellison

Ana Rio-Machin



Dr Anna Marrone                             Dr Philip J Mason

David Stevens

Dr Michael Kirwan                             

Dr Richard Breswick

Dr Stuart Knight

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