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Blizard Institute - Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

SNP Genotyping

Individual SNP genotyping using Taqman

The 5' exonuclease (Taqman®) assay from Applied Biosystems is one of the most established and reliable SNP typing chemistries available. Large numbers of validated assays are available for human, mouse and rat, and custom assays can be designed for novel SNPs from any species.  If you would like to discus a project please email our centre manager Dr Charles Mein

Our service includes

Optimised SNP selection – Use of an in-house haplotype tagging tool to reduce overall project costs while maintaining data quality

Automated assay setup – All assays are run in 384 well format at a low volume (2µl) for greater efficiency and cost reduction. Samples can be provided in single tubes, 96 or 384 well microtitre plates. Reformatting and assay preparation with Beckman Biomek FX liquid handling maximises accuracy

Data collection – with the Applied Biosystem 7900HT with Autoloader, which can generate 37,000 genotypes in approximately a six-hour period (80 x 384 well plates)

Reporting – Data reported in ped format (or user-defined format as required)

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