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Blizard Institute - Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Ms Eleanor McAlees


Clinical Trials Research Nurse


Eleanor gained a BSc Hons in Physiology from the University of Bristol in 2001. Eleanor then gained her Post Graduate Diploma in Nursing Studies from Nottingham University in 2005. After working on a General Surgical Ward specialising in Colorectal and Hepatobiliary surgery she then went on to work in Intensive Care until 2009. Eleanor then spent a year working in Intensive Care, A&E and Theatres in Australia.

When she returned to the UK, Eleanor gained her first job as a Research Nurse at Barts and the London specialising in Intensive Care and Perioperative Medicine. She worked on Portfolio studies including trials in genetics, peri/postoperative survival, perioperative cardiac events and drug trails in Intensive Care.

Eleanor joined Queen Mary in her current role as Clinical Trials Research Nurse in 2014. Since then she has worked on the Capacity Programme and is lead nurse for the commercially funded Cook Myosite GIFI trial. Currently she assisting in the Trial management of the NIHR SUBSoNIC trial.



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