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Blizard Institute - Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry



Senior Clinical Lecturer, Paediatric emergency medicine

Twitter: @danihalltweets


Dani is a consultant in Paediatric Emergency Medicine at Children’s Health Ireland, Senior Lecturer at Queen Mary University of London in Paediatric Emergency Medicine and Associate Clinical Professor at University College Dublin. Her portfolio reflects a career as a medical educator with current roles including executive director at Don’t Forget The Bubbles, an award winning online acute paediatric education resource and simulation lead for Children’s Health Ireland; and previous roles of: Officer for Events for the Association of Paediatric Emergency Medicine, Quality Advisor for the Royal College of Paediatrics Paediatric Emergency Medicine Specialist Advisory Committee and member of the Intercollegiate Committee for Children and Young People in Emergency Care Settings.

Within the Paediatric Emergency Medicine programme at The Blizard, Dani is module lead for three modules and works with faculty to improve student experiences.

Dani’s goal is to provide exemplary care to children and families. She has a special interest in LGBTQ+ young people inclusion in health, and is working with the HSE to bring the award winning HSE Rainbow Badge throughout healthcare in Ireland.


Module lead for Paediatric Emergency Medicine MSc modules 4 Neurology and Haematology, 6 Dermatology and Nephrology and 7 Human Factors and Critical Illness.


Research Interests:

Dani is currently concentrating on education delivery. Her current research focus is on improving staff training in caring for LGBTQ+ young people in health.


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