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Queen Mary Alumni

BATLAA Alumni Remembered

We regret to report the death of the following alumni and former staff. 

To submit an obituary, please email Obituaries printed in the BMJ can be read at and in the BDJ at


Professor Ronald Alan Bloom MBBS DCH DMRD

q Barts, 1962
Professor Ronald Alan Bloom qualified from Barts some 40 years after his father Sam qualified from the Medical College. He died on 3 June 2014 from a brain tumour. He was Professor of Radiology at Hadassah Hospital Jerusalem and was still practicing 3 months before his death at the age of 75. He was very proud to have been clinically active for 52 years. He started his medical career with an interest in paediatrics and switched to radiology undertaking his specialist training at Kings College Hospital under Professor Laws. After spending several years in South Africa in Port Elizabeth, he was appointed to a Chair of Radiology at the Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, where he remained for the remainder of his medical career. He was a prolific author with interests in bone radiology and latterly, ultrasound. He is survived by his wife, 2 daughters and 5 grandchildren. (Obituary was submitted by his brother, Dr Howard Bloom O.St.J MB BS FRCGP DRCOG T. (GP), q Barts 1976) 
b 02 03 39, d 03 06 14

Professor Bob (Robert) Donald Cohen CBE MD FRCP FMedSci

q Cambridge/The London, 1958
Emeritus Professor of Medicine and Director, Academic Medical Unit, Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London (1981-99); Honorary Fellow of Queen Mary University of London (2000)
b 11 10 33, d 17 10 14

Mr Trevor Bassett-James
q BDS, The London, 1950's
b 20 03 27, d 21 10 15
During his studies at the London in the 1950s, Trevor became engaged to fellow student Jean (nee Edwards); they married in 1959 shortly after qualifying and moved to Portsmouth where they set up a practice together.  In the 1970s they moved into the school dental service where Trevor was a Dental Officer in Gosport and Havant, Hampshire, until his retirement in 1987.  He is survived by Jean, two children and two grandchildren.  

Mr David Frederick English
q BDS, The London, 1977; Dip Endodontic Practice, 2008
Dentist, Norwich
b 12 01 49, d 11 02 14
BDJ April 2014 (Vol 216, No 8) - Read Mr English's obituary

Dr David Gardner-Medwin
q Cambridge/Barts, 1961
Paediatric Neurologist, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
b 13 11 36, d 14 06 14

John Joseph Hamblin
q MBBS, The London, 1958
b 16 11 34, d 31 08 14
Read Mr Hamblin's obituary, published on the BMJ.

Ms Dora Hampton
Former staff, St Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical College Registry (mid-1970s-late 1980s); editorial staff, Barts Journal
d 05 05 14

Dr Richard Callander Hudson

q MBBS, The London, 1957
Former General Practitioner
b 26 09 33, d 03 05 14

Dr Alexander Thomas Inglis
q BDS, The London, 1960
Head of the Department of Restorative Dentistry (1983-87) and Dean of Dental Studies, King's College London (1987-98); 
b 15 08 38, d 03 09 14
BDJ November 2014 (Vol 217, No 10) - Read Dr Inglis's obituary

David Harold Jones
q The London, 1954
b 1923, d 25 12 14
Read Mr Jones' obituary, published on the BMJ.

Dr Nicholas Ian Kitson
q Barts, 1975
Consultant, Royal Cornwall Hospital
b 13 01 50, 27 02 14

Mr Trevor Rudrah Franco Paes
q Barts, 1978
General and Vascular Surgeon, Middlesex
b 22 01 53, d 24 09 14

Read this obituary, supplied by Dr Anthony James (q Barts, 1978) [PDF 54KB]

Dr Maurice George Philpott 
q Barts, 1943 
b 21 09 19, d 07 02 14

An obituary has been supplied by Dr Philpott's son, Nick. [PDF 264KB]

Mr Laurence Marcus Alan Shaw
q Barts, 1978
Consultant Gynaecologist and Trust Governor, East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust
b 17 09 1952, d 09 01 14

Dr Tessa Shirehampton
q Barts, 1973 
b 22 12 48, d 16 07 14

Dr Thomas Harold Martin Warburton
q Barts, 1953
b 11 07 21, d 04 09 14



Dr Robert Marshall Adam
q Cambridge/Barts, 1954
b 1926, d 15 02 15
Read Dr Adam's obituary, published on the BMJ.

Dr Colin Blogg
q The London, 1966
b 11 05 43, d 29 08 15

Read Dr Blogg's obituary [PDF 104KB]

Dr Nigel Charlton
q BDS, The London, 1973
General Dental Practitioner, Southampton
b 17 06 49, d 21 11 15

John Rodney Ellis Dathan
q MBBS, The London, 1964
b 09 10 40, d 20 07 15
Read Mr Dathan's obituary, published on the BMJ.

Professor Christopher John Dickinson
Emeritus Professor of Medicine, Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry (2002-15); Chairman, Department of Medicine, St Bartholomew's Hospital Medical College (1975-92)
d 30 09 15

Professor Jim (James) Cornelis Elliott
q PhD, The London, 1964
Former Professor of Biophysics in relation to Dentistry, Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry
d 30 12 15

Read an appreciation of Prof Elliott by his former colleagues Professor Paul Anderson and Dr Graham Davis. [PDF 10KB]

Adrian Grant
q The London, 1975
b 1948, d 16 08 15
Read Mr Grant's obituary, published on the BMJ.

Mr Alan Kidd
q BDS, The London, 1972
He is survived by his wife Deborah Kidd (q The London, 1971)
d 02 05 15

Professor Brian Lask
q Barts, 1966
b 18 02 41, d 24 10 15
Read Prof Lask's obituary, published on the BMJ.

Dr Laurence Langdon
q Barts, 1953
b 15 10 30, d 23 11 15
Read Dr Langdon's obituary, published on the BMJ.

Professor David Antony Long
q Barts, 1941
b 25 02 17, d 29 11 15
Read Prof Long's obituary, published on the BMJ.

Mrs Diana Maclean
Wife of BATLAA Trustee and Management Committee member, Mr David Maclean, and mother of Old Londoner Angus, and Ruari, Diana was a longstanding and loyal supporter of students of Barts and The London and is remembered for her elegant and lively presence at many events over the years. 
d 07 03 15

Dr. Alain Marengo-Rowe
q MBBS, The London, 1961
After qualifying Alain did a house job in orthopaedics with Sir Reginald Watson Jones and later went on to obtain higher qualifications in Pathology, Haematology and Transfusional Medicine. He held positions both at the University of Cambridge and Oxford. He was in Aiden during the Yemeni revolt where he served in the RAF as a pathologist.  Dr Alain Marengo Rowe emigrated to the USA in 1970 first to San Antonio and then to Dallas Texas where he had a distinguished career at Baylor Medical Centre in Haematology publishing over one hundred articles in the literature. He retired in 2005 but continued working on legal cases for several years.
(submitted by Brian Apthorp q The London 1961 now living in Hong Kong where he has been for the last 45 years)
b 20 08 36, d 04 03 2015
Read his Life Story used at his memorial service here:

Connor Edward Morris
q MBBS, The London, 1977
b 1952, d 03 07 15
Read Mr Morris's obituary, published on the BMJ.

Mr Geoffrey Richard Pears 
q BDS, The London, 1957 
Geoff worked at a practice in Colchester for 34 years. He leaves a wife, Barbara, son John, daughter Lynn and a grandson, Alexander. A wonderful husband, father and a grandfather, and quite a splendid dentist, according to his patients. (Information submitted by his wife Barbara)
b 07 02 34, d 24 05 15

Walter David Schwarz
q BDS, The London, 1979
b 1930, d 25 12 15
Read Mr Schwarz's obituary, published by the BDJ

Professor Aubrey Sheiham
Senior House Officer, Eastman Dental Hospital (1960-61); Registrar in Oral Pathology and Consultant, Royal London Hospital (1961-late 1960s); Reader and Head, Department of Community Dental Health, The London (1961-84); Emeritus Professor of Dental Public Health, UCL (1984-2001)
b 12 09 36, d 24 11 15
Read Professor Aubrey Sheiham's obituary [PDF 43KB]

Dr Bruce Smith

q BDS, The London, 1967
b 11 04 44, d 22 04 15

Dr John Bernard Stillwell
q MBBS, The London, 1955
Dr John Stillwell and his family emigrated to Canada in 1959 but always cherished their connection with the London, through the Alumni Associations and regular email correspondence with a group of expatriates from his graduating class in Canada and Australia and also in England.
b 31 03 29, d 10 07 15 

Dr Alan John Patrick Sweetman
q BDS, The London, 1949
Lecturer in Oral Surgery, The London Hospital Dental School; Dental Officer for Health Authorities in North and West London and North West Hertfordshire; Legal Affairs Manager, West Hertfordshire Community Health NHS Trust (1986-2003)
b 27 06 27, d 23 03 2015
BDJ April 2015 (Vol 218, No 8) - Read Dr Sweetman's obituary

Dr James A Tait
q The London, 1955
b 15 08 31, d 22 10 15

Dr Wei Ming Tay
q BDS, The London, 1968
b 07 09 41, d 29 11 15

Dr Dan Tunstall Pedoe 
q Barts, 1964
Pioneer in UK sports medicine; Medical Director, London Marathon (1981-2006)
b 30 12 39, d 13 02 15

Dr Anthony Williams
q The London, 1957
d 14 02 15

Paul Yate
q The London, 1974
b 1951, d 24 03 15
Rea Mr Yate's obituary, published on the BMJ.


Robert Marshall Adam
q Barts, 1954
b 1926, d 15 02 16
Read Mr Adam's obituary, published on the BMJ

Mr Arthur Bates
q Cambridge/Barts, 1949
b 15 08 28, d 13 04 16

Dr Thomas Boulton
q Cambridge/Barts, 1949
b 06 11 25, d 01 07 16
Read Dr Boulton's obituary

Mr John Robey Cobbett
q Cambridge/The London, 1956
b 15.08.32, d 19 01 16
Read Mr John Robey Cobbett's obituary [PDF 33KB]

(supplied by Mr Thomas Cochrane (q Barts, 1957)


Dr Joseph Cohen
q BDS The London, 1973
b 16.10.42, d 04.06.16
Joe Cohen joined the September 1969 entry of Dental students to the London Hospital Medical College, as a mature married man, who already had a pharmacy degree from Manchester University. Joe was an outgoing, friendly and caring human being; a dedicated family man, with an interest in many things. He subsequently gained degree qualifications from The Open University in the Arts. A sports enthusiast, with a love of squash, cricket & Manchester City Football Club. It was no coincidence that Joe decided to setup his main surgery within sight of Chelmsford County Cricket Ground.

Mr Nicholas Eric Dudley
q Barts, 1965
b 28 12 38, d 2016

Mr Timothy Laing
q MSc Gerodontics, The London, 1994
b 15 03 35, d 21 01 16

Stephen John Newell
q The London, 1980
b 1956, d 05 11 16
Read Mr Newell's obituary, published on the BMJ

Robin Priscott
q Barts, 1960
d 23 10 16
While studying at Barts Robin met and became engaged to Leila Pharaon, studying at the Barts School of Radiography, who he married immediately after graduating in 1960. After working for a short time in London they moved to Colchester where he worked for 19-years mostly in General Practice. In 1979 they moved to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia where Robin established the Medical Department of a Polyclinic which later became a Hospital of which he was the Medical Director. He was awarded the MBE in 1983 for Medical Services to the Expatriate community in Saudi Arabia. He retired in 2000 for Medical reasons having been Diabetic for 40 years. He passed away peacefully in Colchester on 23 October 2016 following several years of ill health borne with great courage. He is survived by Leila, his 2 sons and 6 grandchildren.

Joe Smith
q The London, 1954
b 1926, d 28 10 16
Read Mr Smith's obituary, published on the BMJ

Christopher James Stevenson
q The London, 1945
b 1922, d 30 10 16
Read Mr Stevenson's obituary, published on the BMJ

James Cyprian Swann
q The London, 1959
d 28 12 16
Read Mr Swann's obituary, published on the BMJ




Una Kroll
q The London, 1951
d 06 01 17
Read Ms Kroll's obituary, published on the BMJ

John Kenyon French Mason
q Barts, 1943
b 1919; d 26 01 17
Read Mr Mason's obituary, published on the BMJ

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