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Student story: Tara Frazer

Tara is a first-year History student at Queen Mary and is one of this year’s Sally Sainsbury History Scholarship recipients.

Tara Frazer, Sally Sainsbury History Scholarship recipient 2018

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"My dad is Italian and my mum is Irish so I have a really rich cultural background on both sides but my mum is a real patriot so I’m more invested in her heritage! I took up Irish dancing as a child and currently play in an Irish band. I was actually born in Ireland but moved here soon after to Hackney where I live with my parents. I’m an only child and the first in my family to go to university so my parents were really pleased when I received my unconditional offer to study at Queen Mary.

 "I’ve always been interested in the Humanities, having studied Sociology, English Literature and History for my A Levels. The jump from sixth form to university was a big one. I was overwhelmed by the amount of independent teaching and the format of my degree but I’m really enjoying the learning.

"I first learned about Queen Mary at a UCAS fair. It’s also a Russell Group university and in a great location in London which was a bonus. While at sixth form I used a software called ‘unifrog’ which helps you find the best university for you and it recommended Queen Mary to me!

"As soon as I had settled into university I knew I’d have to get a part-time job to support myself for the next three years but thankfully I was awarded the Sally Sainsbury History Scholarship. It was an incredibly nice Christmas gift and I’m so thankful to Sally Sainsbury for having thought of us, future students, when she made this gift in her Will. Now I don’t have to worry about getting a job as this scholarship will cover my travel expenses and a new laptop I’m hoping to get. Above all, this scholarship has bought me the time needed to study. Time I would have spent working instead of studying to get better results in the future.

 "Money is a constant worry for us students but our schools helped prepare us. I remember all those assemblies about compound interest and paying back student loans! Regardless, all my friends have gone on to university. We all want undergraduate degrees and better futures.

 "I’m still in my first year so haven’t narrowed down where I want to be after graduating but I’m interested in law and journalism so I’m looking forward to doing more research into the jobs available in those sectors."