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Queen Mary Alumni

Student Story: Symron Kaur

Symron is a first-year Psychology student at Queen Mary University of London. She grew up in east London and attended a state school. Symron was awarded the Annual Fund Scholarship this year and shared with us how alumni gifts have supported her. 

Headshot of Symron Kaur

"My family knew about Queen Mary before I did so I decided to put it down as one of my university choices. After attending a Queen Mary Open Day, I found that the university’s teaching facility is excellent for the course I wanted to study and the atmosphere here was great. The university is also close to home which is a bonus. Queen Mary ticked all my boxes so I didn’t hesitate to accept my place here.

"My course on Psychology is going well, at the moment we’re revisiting knowledge that I learned during my A-Levels. Because all our teaching is online this year I thought it would be difficult to make friends or contact staff but everyone I talked to have been so welcoming and nice – we even have a Psychology student group chat!

"I live with my single mum and four siblings. My brother has been unwell because he has asthma and my mum does not work so it has been extremely difficult for us financially. After I finished college I thought I’d find part-time work to do alongside my studies to support myself and my family financially. It has been stressful to find work during the pandemic. I was so happy to be awarded the Queen Mary Annual Fund Scholarship. It’s lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. The award has played a crucial part in supporting my education, I’ve used the funds to buy a printer, laptop and my basic necessities.

"University studies can be quite stressful for students and on top of that, some students worry about their finances. To add to this, the Covid crisis has caused stress and worry amongst students. Unfortunately, all three factors have massively impacted student’s lives and wellbeing.

"Thank you for the award, it’s helped me in my studies, social life and in general my wellbeing. It’s inspiring that you’re able to do the best for yourself during a global pandemic and support students, like me."



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