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Student story: Nazeefah

Nazeefah is a BSc Psychology student in Queen Mary University of London. She is the first in her family to go to University.

Nazeefah, Annual Fund bursary recipient

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"As the first in my family to go to university, I’m very appreciative of my education and feel privileged to have the opportunity to study at QMUL. I’ve really enjoyed my first year of study; Psychology is such a fascinating and extremely thought-provoking subject so I hope to be able to pursue a career in this field after I graduate.

"I was recently awarded an Annual Fund bursary which has contributed to my university experience greatly. I no longer have to worry about the expense of textbooks – some cost £100 and above - food and travel costs. I travel by bus to and from university, which amounts to a lot when calculated monthly, so I only come in whenever I have a lecture. Having the money to pay for travel enabled me to come in on the days I don’t have a lecture so that I was using my time effectively working in the library – while not having to worry about the cost of travelling.

"The bursary has enabled me to buy some great resources for my studies – good quality stationery and a tablet. These have been extremely beneficial during the exam period as I was able to access lectures and notes when not at home.

"For me, this bursary has really enriched my first year of study and I’m so thankful to our alumni for it. I am able to access and use resources I wouldn’t have had otherwise. You’ve taken away the stress I had about basic necessities like food and travel costs which a lot of other students have so I’m very lucky and grateful for your generosity - thank you.