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Queen Mary Alumni

Student Story: Kin Liu

"I’m Kin Liu, a Medical student at Barts and The London. I’m the eldest of 3 siblings and the first in my family to go to University."

Kin Chang Liu, Annual Fund Scholarship for Excellence recipient 2019-20

Kin Liu headshot

"I first visited the University campus for an Open day. Everyone on campus was so friendly and welcoming, this motivated me to come study here. During my time at university, I like to take part in Cross-fit disciplinary training and weightlifting.

"I’m doing a five-year medical degree so in my first two years, I’ve had some pre-clinical and clinical exposure. Recently, it has been difficult to stay motivated studying at home due to Covid-19. However, I’m looking forward to learning new content and doing clinical placements in the coming years.

"My dad is the sole earner for our family so this makes it difficult for me to ask my parents for financial assistance when it comes to student expenses. I work part-time in my family takeaway restaurant to earn some money and took out a Maintenance Loan to help me with my student expenses. I was really surprised when I was told I’d received a Scholarship for Excellence. Knowing that I was awarded this because of my high academic attainment has given me a huge boost to keep working hard. The Scholarship has enabled me to pay for my travel, food and my course resources. I’m particularly pleased that this award has relaxed the financial burden from parents and given me more independence.

"I think managing finances can be quite stressful for students. We always need to be mindful of what we’re spending our money on. Many students worry about the debt they’ll be in after they graduate and need to accept that this will be the case for a long time.

"It’s too early to say what I want to do after I complete my studies. I’m currently focusing on doing well in my course and I hope along the way I will find what I want to specialise in.

"Thank you to the alumni who made my award possible, your generosity has made a massive difference to my university experience. I feel proud to have earned this award, it has motivated me to continue working hard and given me greater financial independence. Support from alumni creates a positive knock-on effect. You’ve helped our community grow and inspired students, like me, to give back in the future."



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