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Student story: Kanesha Edwards

Kanesha is a BSc Psychology student at Queen Mary University of London. She is from Hackney, East London and is the first in her family to go to University.

Kanesha Edwards, Queen Mary & Westfield Alumni Bursary recipient 2017

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"I knew I wanted to study at QMUL after attending the university Open day. Taking part in mock lectures and talking to other students around campus made me feel welcome. I worked hard to get good A-level grades so I can study here in QMUL and I don’t regret it one bit.

"I am currently studying psychology and enjoying it thoroughly. My three-year degree will solidify my academic skills and help me do my Graduate Diploma in Law straight after completing my undergraduate degree.

"Prior to attending University, I researched bursaries and scholarships available to me. I come from a disadvantaged area and a low-income household so I knew how important it was to support myself financially whilst at University. When I was told I have been awarded the Annual Fund Bursary, I was so pleased. With the award, I am able to fund my commute to university, books and a printer (we all know printing can be costly). This award has cleared my self-doubt and assured me that I am on the right track. All the hard work, sleepless nights and early morning revision have paid off!

"Students definitely worry about finances and I don’t think Maintenance loan provides enough funding to cover student expenses. We have to think about spending on travel, food, books, rent and the list goes on.

"After I complete my degree here in QMUL, I would like to start a Graduate Diploma in Law. I would hope to secure a training contract to cover the cost of my GDL. I am currently attending different courses and workshops on law, alongside my study, to get a greater understanding of the sector.

"Thanks to the alumni who support students through the Annual Fund. This award has given me financial support when I needed it the most and the confidence to do well in my studies. I think people have misconceptions about attending University; I would say study hard and reap your rewards. The Bursary has definitely solidified my experience in QMUL and exceeded my high expectations of the university- so thank you!"