Student Story: Jake Webber

Hi all, I’m Jake Webber and I’m a third-year student studying Theoretical Physics. I come from Suffolk originally and now live just outside of Enfield with my family.

Jake Webber, Annual Fund recipient

26 January 2017

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"I was recently on the BSci course when I decided to switch to an integrated master’s degree, so I’m now doing an MSci. Even though my course is fairly intensive I love it and academia generally so this decision made a lot of sense!    

"I wanted to come to QMUL because of the course specifically and the modules were exactly what I wanted to learn more about. And who doesn’t love London? Since I’m from the countryside, this was my chance to live and experience the city life.

"When I received an email very recently to say I’d been awarded a bursary for my high attainment, I was thrown. I had won a small prize in my first year and then to win this, I thought to myself, ‘wow, I must be doing well.’ It felt great to be recognised and my family were very pleased to know I was working hard to get good grades. I think I did something not a lot of students would do, I decided to put it aside and save it for something good.

"The plan now is to complete my degree and pursue a PhD. Learning has always been a constant in my life and I intend to continue learning as much as possible; maybe even at QMUL!

"To all the alumni, who made this bursary possible, thank you so much. Whatever contribution you are making to giving students a boost, it is appreciated by us all. You’ve given me an incentive to do better and push myself further."