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Student story: Georgina Smart

"I’m Georgina, a Medicine student at Barts and The London and I’m also a mum."
Georgina Smart, Barts and The London Harship Bursary recipient
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"A lot of my time is spent on arranging childcare for my son for when I’m studying or working part-time but unfortunately, earlier this year, I began to struggle managing it all.

"There was not enough work available for me because it was a quiet time of year, which meant I was doing fewer shifts than usual and I just didn’t have enough money to pay for childcare. I was so stressed I was going to lose my son’s place at his nursery as well as my deposit and worst of all, the thought of not returning to study in September was looming over my head.

"After I applied, and successfully received the hardship bursary, I was sure I could return to study in September without the burden of financial difficulty on my shoulders, I could focus on paying my other bills and most importantly, my son could continue to be happy in a nursery he is settled at and loves.

"I hope, once I have completed my studies, to go on to become a paediatric surgeon and then perhaps specialising in neonatal care. And thanks to the bursary I’ve been given, I can focus on finding extra courses and time to build a portfolio towards this career, without having to work 50 hours a week to be able to afford childcare. Not only that, I can breathe a sigh of relief at the thought that I just might complete medical school, especially because I’ve come so far already, I’d be devastated if it had to come to an end because of financial struggles.

"I cannot thank the generous alumni of our institution for the help they have given me – thank you for recognising the difficulties I, and many others, face while we are studying. I sincerely hope to be able to give back to the University that has helped me so much in the future. Thank you again for your kindness."