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Student Story: Dominic Morey

Dominic is a 4th-year student studying Medicine at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry. He holds a First Class Honours in BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science and was awarded a Distinction in MSc Genetic Manipulation and Molecular Cell Biology.

Dominic Morey, Medicine, Annual Fund Hardship Bursary recipient 2019-20


Dominic Morey holding the 2nd XV UH Cup"I come from a working-class family and lived in a council home in the South Coast of England. Both of my parents worked to provide for our family. Unfortunately, in 2003, my mother suffered a stroke which severely affected her physical wellbeing. Although my mother has progressed in her recovery she is still unable to work. For a while, my stepdad was the sole provider for the family but he too has stopped working since becoming my mother’s full-time carer. It has been tough for my family as we took a financial hit. Because my parents no longer work I have been working hard to provide for myself whilst studying. Due to my previous education, I am not eligible for a tuition fee loan from Student Finance but have received a Maintenance Loan. Throughout my studies, I have been working part-time in a pub to cover my tuition fees. It hasn’t been easy but I’m trying my best to get by.

"After completing my undergraduate postgraduate degrees, I worked for the NHS for a couple of years. I initially wanted to join the graduate entry programme for medicine but was accepted to complete the five-year undergraduate medical programme. I chose to study at Barts and The London because of its rich history and the social dynamics on campus. I’ve been here for four years now and I know I’ve made the right decision to study here. I like my course structure and the diversity in my placements, which gives me the opportunity of meeting patients from all walks of life.

"Because of the increasing workload that comes with being a 4th-year student, I recently had to reduce my hours working part-time. Until mid-March, my studies were going swimmingly. I got the news that my placements are cancelled, exams are cancelled and a few of my exams will have to be made up in the following year due to Covid-19. I know that next year will be my final and hardest year of studying medicine and now there is the added stress of doing more exams and assignment to complete my degree. Because of the lockdown, all pubs have closed which means I no longer have a job and can’t pay my rent. This has put me under a huge financial strain.

"Last autumn, the flat I share with my partner was burgled. My flat had no content insurance so the items that were taken are not replaceable including my IPad that I use for my studies. We were quite shaken by the whole situation. I couldn’t pay to replace most of my things because I’m a student, studying full-time, I had to pay rent and working part-time with reduced hours. Not only did I suffer a financial loss but this incident hindered my studies. I was also well into my overdraft and couldn’t pay my rent before my next maintenance loan instalment. This was the breaking point for me because I was in severe financial hardship.

"When I found out that I’d been awarded the Barts and The London Annual Fund Bursary I was speechless. I was not in a good place before receiving this award so I’m very grateful for the financial assistance. The bursary has enabled me to pay for my rent for the next few months, it helped pay for my travel to my placements and pay for content insurance for my flat. I now feel more secure knowing that I can focus on my studies and not worry about my finances.

"Looking back at my first undergraduate degree I realise how fortunate I was because tuition fees then were £3,000 a year and I had received maintenance grant so I had little trouble maintaining finances. Finances for students today are a huge worry, particularly for undergraduate students who have to do a five-year course, like me.

"I’d like to say a massive thank you to all our alumni who made my award possible. If I saw my donors in person I would probably buy them a pint or write them a poem! I’m in sheer admiration of your generosity. If it wasn’t for your support I wouldn’t have a roof over my head or be able to study. Thank you so, so much."



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