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Queen Mary Alumni

Student Story: Amelia Elamradi

Amelia is a BSc Biology Student at Queen Mary University of London and she is the first in her family to go to university. Amelia is a recipient of the Annual Fund Scholarship and she told us how alumni support made a difference to her university experience.

Amelia Elamradi, Queen Mary Annual Fund Scholarship 2019-2022


"I chose to study at Queen Mary for several reasons. I liked my experience attending the Queen Mary Open day. I had the chance to see the campus, talk to current students and learn more about my course. It’s also located in East London which meant it would be a short commute from home.

"Biology is my favourite subject so studying it more in-depth at university is very exciting. My favourite module so far is Evolution! Apart from studying, I’m in involved in the photography society and I write for CUB magazine, an arts and culture magazine run by Queen Mary students.

"I didn’t anticipate how expensive studying in London would be before attending university. My dad works as a cab driver and is the sole provider for the family which makes it hard for him to support my studies and my family financially. I applied for the maintenance loan to lessen my financial stress but this wasn’t enough because I needed to pay for my monthly rent, lab equipment, travel costs and course books. I decided to get a part-time job and I often had to work long hours to get by. This started to affect my studies and I was starting to feel stressed out.

"I was shocked when I found out that I’ve been awarded an Annual Fund Scholarship! It has made a huge difference to me in many ways. Firstly, I don’t have to work as many hours so I have time to study and pick up my extra-curricular activities. I also find it easier to manage my day to day costs such as my food and travel expenses.

"Finances can be a huge worry for students especially those who live in a low-income household. Some students, struggling financially, are forced to get a job to support themselves- these students rely on extra support to get by.

"I’m so grateful for this scholarship. I know that these awards will open many doors of opportunity for other students, like me. Education is extremely important and knowing that our alumni support students in their university journey is very inspiring. Because of you, I’m able to focus on my degree and plan for my future career."



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