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Queen Mary Alumni

Student Story: Aisha Sohail

Aisha is a BSc Computer Science and Management student. She accepted a place to study at Queen Mary University of London after obtaining 3As in her A Levels (Sociology, Politics and English Literature). Aisha is from the London Borough of Newham As the eldest of three siblings, she is the first in her family to go to university.

Aisha Sohail, Queen Mary Annual Fund Scholarship recipient 2019-2022

Aisha Sohail at Ground Cafe

"When researching universities, I came to a Queen Mary Open Day and Offer Holder Day on the Mile End campus. I was impressed by the structure of the course I wanted to study and the lecture on programming I sat in on, so I chose to study here. What’s great about my course is that the content is designed by employers so I have the opportunity to study credited modules that will make me more employable after I graduate.

"Managing expenses as a student is difficult. Paying for travel has been the biggest cost for me and buying a decent laptop because my course largely depends on using computer programmes and different software. Because my dad is the sole bread-winner of our family, I do have to rely on him for money so I have to be extra mindful about what I want to spend on. I was surprised and pleased that I’d been awarded the Annual Fund Scholarship. I’ve used the funds to pay for my travel costs to and from university, my course resources and buy a decent laptop! The funding had enabled me to be more financially independent and for that, I’m really grateful.

"For some students finances can be a huge concern because they’re having to pay rent or they come from a low-income household. Students also worry about the mounting debt they’ll be in after they graduate, that’s why I’m really glad students like me have avenues of financial support like this. Thank you to all the alumni who made my scholarship possible! You’ve not only helped me financially but you’ve given me the motivation to excel in my studies even more."



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