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Student story: Ahsan Bashar

Ahsan is a BSc Pure Mathematics student. He accepted a place to study at QMUL after obtaining A*, A and B in his A levels (Maths, Further Maths and Geography). Ahsan is from Newham and as the eldest of his siblings is the first in his family to go to University. 

Ahsan Bashar, Annual Fund Bursary 2017

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"Before coming to university, I attended maths masterclasses at QMUL every fortnight. It really broadened my knowledge in the field and I became more familiar with the campus and degree-level teaching. QMUL is also a Russell Group university, which helped confirm my decision to study here because a university with the repute of having great research facilities and staff, proves to me that they value their students and the education they are receiving.

"Having done three maths GCSEs and two maths A Levels, it was clear I would study mathematics at university! My first year is going really well so far and the content has been very interesting.

"When I started university I took out a maintenance loan to help me with my finances. I commute to university and then there are course resources, so I was spending a huge amount on travel fares, food and books. I soon realised how expensive university really is! I had to be careful about my spending and felt restricted a lot of the time. So, when I was awarded an Annual Fund Bursary I was extremely relieved. I am so grateful to have received this bursary. I now feel more comfortable about my finances because this extra funding has gone towards my travel, food and studies. It has also enabled me to buy an iPad to use in classes.

"Every single student has some sort of financial worries. Students may not always get financial support from their parents or take out a maintenance loan.  Financial stress affects a diversity of students such as those from disadvantaged backgrounds, international students, commuters and especially for those who live on campus. We, as students, always have to worry about how much we are spending.

"I am currently looking into internships that will help boost my CV and employability after graduation. I am also researching different career paths my degree could lead to but my long-term goal is to do a teaching scholars scheme and become a teacher.

"Subconsciously, finances have had a huge effect on me but that has been removed because of the Bursary. An enormous pressure has been lifted off my shoulders and I really appreciate the help you have given me. Knowing that I am deserving of a bursary, has motivated me to work even harder and to keep doing well in my studies. Thank you for helping me and others like me."