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Student Story - Zhixin Yeo

Zhixin is a final year medical student at Barts and The London. She is originally from Singapore and came to study in the UK. Zhixin is the first in her family to study medicine. She is one of the students to receive the Scholarship for Excellence this year funded by our generous Barts and The London alumni.

Headshot of Zhixin Yeo

"I wanted to study medicine at a good university away from home and Barts and The London was the perfect fit. I’m glad I travelled here to study because this experience has given me so many opportunities to grow personally and academically.

"I’ve just finished my final year exam and would have started my elective abroad but it was cancelled because of Covid. Instead, I’m with my family in Singapore and doing an essay as an alternative. Studying medicine has been very enjoyable but the pandemic has affected the medical curriculum which has been tough. The university is doing its best to boost our university experience which is greatly appreciated.

"I enjoy doing clinical placements in hospitals, meeting patients and working with healthcare professionals because I like the inclusive environment and working as part of a team. Although we are limited to what we could see and do in our placements, because of the Covid, I’m grateful to have the opportunity to get some practical experience.

"The pandemic has affected students massively. As an international student, I wasn’t able to travel home to see my family for a long time. Some students aren't able to study from home due to their living circumstance, and students facing financial stress or unable to see friends and family. I was shocked when I found out that I’ve been given the Scholarship for Excellence. I’m proud of myself for achieving this award. I’ve used the funds to cover the cost of my rent and buy a laptop stand, mouse and keyboard which has helped me massively to support me studying from home.

"I’m at the end of my final year so I’m currently back home in Singapore. I’ve been awarded a grant by the Singapore government to complete one year of work in the UK. I’m very happy to secure a job in London doing a Foundation year programme. In this role, I will be doing my rotations in A&E, geriatrics and general surgery. After I complete my work in London, I’ll be travelling back to Singapore and hope to specialise in a certain area in medicine.

"Thank you so much for this award. It’s amazing that alumni gifts contribute to supporting students who are in financial hardship and give a boost to students when they need it. I hope I speak for everyone when I say we really appreciate what you are doing.”



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