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Student story - Abdinasir Ibrahim

Abdinasir is an Accounting and Management student at Queen Mary. Abdinasir was awarded an Annual Fund Scholarship and shared how the award supported him during his first year at University.

Queen Mary Annual Fund Scholarship recipient (2020-2022)

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"Queen Mary was always my first choice as a place to study because it’s a Russell group university and located close to home. The University has excellent teaching facilities on campus which will support me in my studies. My course is going well, in our first year we learned the fundamentals of Accounting and Management. The quantitative modules in my course have been challenging but I’m enjoying the business modules because the content links to current issues such as COVID-19.

"I grew up in east London and lived with my parents and my four siblings. My dad has retired and my mum is unable to work due to her health condition, so finances have been tight for my family. Because my house is overcrowded, I decided to move out for university. I took out a maintenance loan to support myself, but it wasn’t enough to cover my expenses. I thought I’d find part-time work to bring in some income, but it has been difficult to hold down a job during the pandemic.

"I was very happy to find out that I’d been awarded an alumni-funded Scholarship! The award has supported me in many ways and I’m so grateful to be a recipient. The funds have enabled me to buy a laptop, reading material, calculator, and course equipment.

"I think financial stress does impact students especially those in their first year. Most students need to have enough income to cover their expenses for rent, food, books, course equipment, and more. This isn’t easy for a lot of us and we always need to be mindful of what we spend on.

"My career goal is to work in the finance sector. During my time at university, I hope to focus on my personal development by securing an internship or participating in skills workshops. After I graduate, I want to do a postgraduate degree part-time and work for a Bank, this way I can study whilst I get the practical skills.

"I’m very grateful for being awarded the Scholarship. There was a time when I was stressed out thinking about my finances for the next day or week. Without this award, I wouldn’t be able to continue my journey in education. You’ve changed my university experience. Thank you."