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Student recipient profile - Parsa Nazari

Parsa Nazari is a third-year medical student at Barts and The London. He was born in Iran and moved to London with his family at age 3. Parsa is a recipient of the Annual Fund Scholarship for Excellence for high academic attainment supported by our generous alumni.

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"I’ve always wanted to study Medicine at university. During my time at college, I wasn’t as focused on my studies so after I received my A level grades, I went on to do an undergraduate degree in Biomed at Kings College London. During my time there, I realised my goal was to study Medicine. I put my head down and focused on my studies so I can get the grades to enrol on medical school.

"Barts and The London was my top choice to study Medicine at. I liked that the university is based in east London because it’s such a diverse area. The university is perfect for me because I loved all the hospitals linked to the medical school and I get to interact with a variety of patients and medical staff.

"I’m enjoying studying medicine and I put a lot of effort into every piece of work I do. I’m looking forward to doing placements next because I like interacting with patients and listening to their stories.

"When I first got the news that I’d been awarded an Annual Fund Scholarship for Excellence I thought it was a mistake. The email came out of the blue, but it was such a nice surprise.

The award has helped me continue my study routine and keep up my good academic record without any added stress. Most importantly, being a scholarship recipient will make me stand out on my CV -this award is valuable because it shows that I’m a hard worker.

"For the duration of my time at university, I want to focus on my medical degree and think about my next steps. I’m not sure what speciality I want to go into, but I hope my studies and work experience will help me figure that out.

"Thank you for your generosity. The award is like a pat on the back that I’m doing well and gives me the motivation to keep going. Gifts from alumni make a huge difference to students, it’s a reminder that we are capable to achieve our best and spurs us on to work hard."