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Santander Student Online Self-Development Programme

Queen Mary University of London are thrilled to be taking part in the Student Online Self-Development Programme, powered by Santander Universities UK in collaboration with Sporting Edge. 19 Queen Mary students are participating in this programme and will have the chance of winning a £10,000 Santander Development Grant! 

Virtual group meeting

Santander Universities UK have partnered with Sporting Edge - a high-performance consultancy that blends powerful insights with proven psychology - to provide an online platform for students which focuses on performance growth and development.

Students taking part have access to a huge library of insights on this exciting online learning platform which focuses on performance themes such as personal drive, confidence, learning mind-set and much more. During this programme, participating students will complete an online course covering these themes and will each have a chance to test their knowledge after completing each module.

Once students complete their programme they will have a chance to win a £10,000 Santander Development Grant!

Some of our participating students got in touch to tell us how the programme has helped them so far.


"This course has been eye-opening! It’s changed my perspective and encouraged me to think in different ways and be more open-minded.

I’ve learnt tips to overcome procrastination, positive thinking, determination and taking small steps towards a goal. The videos on goal-setting have really helped me break larger goals down into smaller steps to keep me on track to achieving them alongside my studies. I've learnt some useful tips to manage my time between childcare and study, and keep positive and work towards my goals even in times when I feel discouraged."

Miriam Jacobs, BA Languages


"I’ve found the online self-development course very helpful for day-to-day motivation. I’m enjoying the modules ‘Set Goals’ and ‘New Mindset’ because it’s made me think about how to set goals for my future and for life in employment."

Marzia Shamsul, BSc Business and Management


"This programme has been very useful in helping me understand my own goals and how I can achieve them. The course takes you through the tools required to achieve success. Specifically, what stops me from achieving success, which fears prevent success and how to overcome them. A key tip that I’ve taken away from this course is understanding the importance of building interpersonal relationships to work effectively with others."

Sahana Sakthivel, MBBS Medicine



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