Queen Mary Alumni

Rahul Krishna - My tribute to London, my second home.

A poem by our alumnus Rahul Krishna about his experience of living and studying in London. Rahul did his Masters in Law in the 2017-2018 academic year. 

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Throwback to the 12th of September 2017;

I set foot in a new land, it is a new start.

Patiently I stand at the Immigration Counter;

Cannot describe the excitement in my heart.


The Uber moves out of Heathrow;

Into the city, a new beginning for this simpleton.

Zooming rapidly past Harrow and Central;

I finally get off – first stop is Islington.


Walking to Mildmay Park Bus Stop to get my 277;

Welcome to a new country – it is time to blend.

Riding past the greenery of Victoria Park;

I finally arrive at Mile End.


Few important things to get done;

Lots more to learn.

To get my BRP at the Aldwych Post Office;

I take the super-fast Central line to Holborn.


The 2 crucial bus routes, part of everyday life;

205 to Paddington, 25 to Ilford.

The hustle and bustle of it all;

Including some running and jumping into the tube at Stratford.


Undiscovered gems, like the Valentines Park;

Are a stone’s throw away from Gants Hill.

With the geese and swans adorably swimming;

I let the peace sink in while standing still.


Home to yet another beauty;

The Walthamstow Wetlands is right here.

Courtesy of the underground Victoria line;

Europe’s largest Urban Wetlands is so near.


Edgware Road offers a glimpse of the Middle East;

Do try the Shawarma and buy the famous dry fruit.

Walk around and soak in the vibe;

You could be forgiven for thinking you’re in Amman or Beirut.


QMUL’s Regents Canal defines “Peace”;

It was a pleasure to regularly feed the Canada Geese.

They sure did love it when I fed them Bread;

The next time, I shall treat them to Cheese.


A big thanks to the London Metropolitan Police;

Who work towards ensuring reduction in crime and the daily row.

Of special mention, in addition;

Are the heroes at Citizens Advice Bureau.


An integral part of British Conversation;

Are the words “Please”, “Sorry” and “Thank You”.

Hearing these words make you feel so good;

Especially when you come from a land where courtesies are “far” and “few”.


Thank you so much to the United Kingdom;

For making my stay an absolute pleasure.

Hopefully, there shall again come a day;

When I’ll explore this beautiful landscape at leisure.