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Graduation 2019: Alumni Profile - Paul Loveridge

In support of those graduating this week,  we spoke to active Alumni Volunteer, Paul Loveridge, 20 years after he graduated from Queen Mary with a Law Degree. Paul provides insight into his career journey since 1999 and some tips for those graduating in 2019.

Paul Loveridge, Senior Legal Counsel, HSBC
(Law LLB, 1999)

Headshot of alumnus Paul Loveridge

What did you study at Queen Mary and what are you doing now?
I studied the LLB Law degree at Queen Mary and I’m now a solicitor employed as Senior Legal Counsel at HSBC UK Bank plc.

Why did you choose to study at Queen Mary and what advice would you have for 2018/19 graduates?
The immediate draw was the reputation of the University and its location. My advice to all of you is to celebrate your success in graduating from Queen Mary and reflect on your time at Queen Mary and the experiences and opportunities it has given you. Also, remember that Queen Mary offers a continuing opportunity to participate in its communities through its Alumni department.

What sparked your interest in your current career within the legal profession?
Law is a career that allow transition. I started out in litigation and insurance before moving into banking. My current career developed through interest in commercial law and seeking out the right opportunities to develop.

How did your time and study at Queen Mary help your career and development?
I became more independent at Queen Mary as I was away from home. Living and studying in London was a wonderful experience. I made some good friends, who have all gone on to develop interesting and successful careers. Queen Mary has a good reputation for law and its graduates are generally well regarded.

What advice would you offer to current students who themselves are considering a career in Law?
Be patient and persistent. Law is competitive, but if you work hard at it then things should work out. Continue your education by seeking out mentors in your career. I’ve been practicing law as a solicitor for nearly 14 years, but I still seek out mentors. Last year I was a mentee to the Head of US Litigation in New York and his advice was highly valuable in developing my career at HSBC.

Why is exciting to do what you do?
Being a lawyer at a bank puts you at the sharp end of commercial law. I’m lucky to be in world class legal department which has a strong practice involving regulatory, technological, and commercial issues on a global scale.

Do you have any role-models that you look up to, both inside and outside of your field?
Yes. Frank Johnstone who is a Partner at Dentons. He gave me an excellent training in banking law and always gave me opportunities to develop. He was instrumental in helping me build my career.



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