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Queen Mary Alumni

Alumni profile - Suruchi Kumar

(Commercial and Corporate Law MSc, 2011)

Suruchi Kumar studied a masters in Commercial Law at Queen Mary in 2010/11. She now works a top tier law firm in India.

Queen Mary alum Suruchi Kumar

“I’m not exactly practicing what I studied at Queen Mary, but I am still able to bring what I learnt into my role. For instance, there was a cross-border issue at work recently that I was able to bring my education into.”

Suruchi’s time studying at Queen Mary

Suruchi’s time at Queen Mary was one she remembers fondly – not just for her education and the people she met, but also for the time she spent in London.

“London is a melting pot of different cultures. It was so nice to see everybody from everywhere mingling and getting to know each other. In London I was able to explore my own interests. I didn’t know I had such an appreciation for art and culture. My time in London helped me to explore my own self.”

“I made a lot of friends from all over the world – and I’m happy to still be in touch with them. Wherever I go in the world there is a couch for me to crash on!”

Speaking about her course, Suruchi was particularly impressed with the quality of her teachers.

“Our professors were so well known for the subjects they were teaching. They were phenomenal teachers – and we got to interact with them.”

Suruchi’s advice to students from India coming to study at Queen Mary

We wanted to ask students who had come to Queen Mary what advice they would give to students who are packing their bags now and perhaps feeling both excited and nervous.

“Pack light,” Suruchi said almost instantly. “You can find everything you need in London.”

“Mix and mingle with people. Don’t just go with the familiar. It can stop you from getting the full experience of London. You will form lifetime friendships at Queen Mary – and wherever you go travelling you will have a place to stay as you will meet people from across the globe. My top tip is: enjoy it!”




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