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Alumni profile - Arzaam Bhatti

Home for me is Pakistan. However, the excellent alumni network, as well as the Queen Mary faculty, always makes their presence felt in every part of the world and I never feel far away from the institute. Once a Queen Mary alumnus always a Queen Mary alumnus!

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How would you describe the journey of studying at Queen Mary and how has it changed you? The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. That is the step I took when I applied to Queen Mary for my Masters as I know there was no better option that suited my requirements. If I have to describe the experience in one word then “effortless” comes to mind. The flexibility of study and modules, the multitude of options of material such as the online library and online and physical lectures, as well as the esteemed professors, means that everyone can work towards their aims. It changed me by being an important transition point between studying and entering practical life. The pragmatic and holistic syllabus, as well as the skills taught, makes it a highly enjoyable and invigorating journey.

What course did you study at Queen Mary and what inspired you to study this course? I studied the Master of Laws (LLM) course and specialised in International Business Law. I knew that the vigorous and challenging Masters of Law course would not only test my existing knowledge, but equip me with important skills allowing me to excel in my chosen legal field.

Why did you choose to complete your masters at Queen Mary in particular? I was inspired by the prestigious history of Queen Mary as an institute and its notable alumni such as Dame Laura Cox and Sir William Davis - both British Lawyers and English High Court judges. The flexibility of the programme offered by the University further appealed to me, as well as the wide variety of modules and specialisations offered which was unique compared to other institutes.

What were your favourite modules and why? Did you encounter any topics that you had never come across before? My favourite modules were Company Law foundational and constitutional issues and Franchising Law.  Company law attracted me as the debate around company structure and corporate governance is important so that big multi-national companies do not forget their role and the influence they exert on society. Whereas Franchising law is interesting as it is a very practical subject for an international student considering many new franchises are being established on a rapid basis in developing franchises. 

I understand that you were an international student at Queen Mary, where is home for you? Home for me is Pakistan. However, the excellent alumni network, as well as the Queen Mary faculty, always makes their presence felt in every part of the world and I never feel far away from the institute. Once a Queen Mary alumnus always a Queen Mary alumnus!

What was it like studying and living in a different country and what advice would you give to prospective students thinking of studying in another country? It was a challenging experience studying in a different country and by yourself. Not having the constant interaction with the esteemed professors of the university was missed and more effort had to be put in to clear one’s concepts about any particular topic. However, the advice I would give to prospective students is to not let studying in a different country affect your outcome. There was a vast array of help and resources on the online portal and online library and the subject guides were so well written that as long as one polishes their skills of analysing and applying their knowledge to the query at hand, it is very rewarding to study as an international student.

Can you describe the career path you have led since you graduated in 2018? After graduating, due to my LLM degree, I managed to get into top Law firms in my home country and got the chance to work with Senior Barristers. The Master’s Degree also allowed me to be qualified for the license as an Advocate High Court in my home country and I began practicing in the High Court and Lower courts as an Advocate. I further looked towards Banks and the corporate sector seeing as my Masters was in international Business law and done via Queen Mary which is well recognised for its excellence around the world. I was able to secure a position in one of my countries’ biggest Banks, MCB Bank LTD, in their Legal Department as a Law Officer. I also chose to work with Government Sector Departments where again a Master’s Degree was a pre-requisite and also allowed me to secure better remuneration on the basis of my qualification.

Is there any advice you would give to current students or recent graduates considering their career options? It is a vast ocean out there and qualified, smart and skilled people who are able to solve problems are in demand in every field. As a Master of Law student I would highly advise students to realise the worth of their degree and apply to multinational firms and organisations who value Master Degrees and who are prepared to pay more to the people who possess them.

Were you involved in any extracurricular activities whilst you were at Queen Mary? I was not involved in any  extracurricular activities on campus, however, Queen Mary always has something to offer its students and I was able to participate in the online student forums in the modules I had completed where I helped new students with any questions they had. I also participated in career webinars which were hosted on our portal; this was a very vigorous learning experience and prepared me for practical, working life.

What was so special about your time at Queen Mary? My time studying LLM at Queen Mary was a memorable one which not only shaped my work ethic and taught me valuable skills, but which also opened my eyes by facilitating interaction with a vast international community of students. One example of this was having debates and discussions on a topic in our module via student forums with students from all over the world who were able to apply the theoretical knowledge we were learning, with the practical experience of laws in their country.

Do you have a favourite spot on campus? The Mile End campus in general always got my attention as it is one of the largest self-contained campuses of any London based Russel Group University!