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Queen Mary Alumni

Enlisting Alumni Support

Hands coming together to form a heart.

Below are two main ways alumni can volunteer to further the work we do:

Who are alumni*?

  • Queen Mary students automatically become alumni when they finish their course of study
  • Associate students, Erasmus students and even those students who were enrolled but didn't complete their course for whatever reason, also belong to the alumni community
  • Our global alumni community consists of over 190,000 former students, in over 160 countries around the world
Alumni (noun, plural) are the former students or graduates of a school, college or university; alumnus is the masculine form, alumna is the feminine form and alum is the non-gendered form of the noun.

What our alumni do

  • Our alumni are our finest ambassadors and play an important role in the future of the University
  • They provide careers advice, provide professional expertise and industrial links, support recruitment activities in the UK and overseas and are involved in the governance of Queen Mary
  • They support the Queen Mary Annual Fund and other areas of the University’s work, by making donations
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