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Some students will arrive at Queen Mary with their own individual study skills that work for them, but others won’t have developed effective ways of learning yet. For many university will be the first time they have had to digest large volumes of information and construct their own arguments so early on it is helpful to let your advisees know the resources available to help them should they need some additional support. 

  • It can be helpful if you can address reading, writing and note taking skills in an early advisee session, covering ideas such as what do good lecture notes look like? What are the key arguments in a paper? This can help to break down any shame or embarrassment, encouraging students to ask for help should they need it
  • Encourage students to access the resources we have available here at Queen Mary such as: Academic Skills & PASS

The Academic Skills team have developed a transition workshop series that will run during Semester 1. These include sessions on reading, writing, note-taking and effective study. It is a good idea to direct students you have identified as potentially struggling to attend these workshops, and to encourage reflection on them when they meet you. 

Study and Academic skills resources can be found on the ground floor of the Mile End Library and online.

The Academic Skills department is located in the Mile End library.

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