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Home Fee FAQs

Please find all the information you need on the How to pay your fees page.

You must pay your tuition fees before full enrolment each academic year. Enrolment dates can be found on the Enrolment & Temporary Enrolment Deadlines page

You will not be fully enrolled until you have paid or made arrangements to pay your fees. 

In 2024/25 the final enrolment dates are: 

New Student:  4th October 2024*

Continuing Students: 6th October 2024 

Your fee amount is shown on your offer letter, your invoice, MySIS (My Finances) and our website

New Student Fees: 

Continuing fees: 

*New students who do not pay by this date will be given temporary enrolment with a payment deadline of 11th October 2024.

If your tuition fee is more than £1000, you can arrange an instalment plan with the Fees office to pay by instalments. This does not apply to Pre-sessional programmes, short courses and one-semester Study Abroad Associate programmes.

Payment Plan Options for Home/EU undergraduate students:

  • 50% paid before enrolment and the remaining 50% by 31st January
  • 25% paid before enrolment and the balance in equal monthly instalments with the final instalment due by 30th April

Postgraduate students must pay 50% before enrolment and the remaining 50 percent by

  • 31st January (for programmes starting in September)
  • 30th April (for programmes starting in January) 

Full details can be found on the tuition fee instalment page and the link to the online instalment plan portal

For further information regarding the instalments payment policy, please refer to Section 5 & 6 of the University Fee Regulations.

You should receive an automated receipt by email. Below is a estimated timeline of when your email receipt will be sent depending on the payment method used:

Online payment: 1 working day

International payment: 4-7 working days

Bank transfer: 2-3 working days

If you have not received your receipt, please check your email junk folder.

Please email along with your Student ID Number and proof of payment if you have not received your receipt after the estimated time.

Undergraduate 'home' fee paying students whose fees are regulated by the UK government are not eligible for a early payment discount. 

Postgraduate students whose university fees are £10,000 or higher can obtain a 1% discount when paying in full before enrolment. 

You are strongly advised to deduct 1% from the full tuition fee and pay 99% rather than paying full fees with the view of applying for a refund. If you have already paid full tuition fees, you will need to submit a refund request via MySIS before January 31st for September starters and before 30th April for January starters. 


Yes, you will need to be fully enrolled before Student Finance will release any funding to you. Please see the Student Finance Funding page for more information.

It is possible that your department has not yet notified the Fees Office of your scholarship. Please email a copy of your scholarship confirmation letter to and we will update your invoice.

If your fees will be paid by a sponsor, please email an official sponsorship letter to

The letter should include the following on a company-headed paper.

  • Student's full name and student/applicant ID number
  • Invoice address
  • Invoice contact person and contact details
  • Sponsorship amount
  • Academic year(s)
  • Programme name
  • Purchase order number (if required)

Please note Queen Mary will only accept sponsors if they pass a credit check and are agreeing to pay the fees directly to Queen Mary. Families and friends will not be accepted as official sponsors.

You may be eligible for a Queen Mary Bursary if you have applied to your regional student funding authority for income assessed UK government financial support. Further details can be found on this page

If you are in receipt of an NHS bursary, please email a copy of your NHS bursary award letter to along with your student ID number and we will invoice NHS directly.

Your fee status is assessed by the Admissions Office during your application process.

If you believe you have been assessed incorrectly, you must complete a Fee Status Questionnaire and return it alongside the relevant supporting information as soon as possible and by no later than 31 October (for programmes starting in September) or within two weeks of your enrolment deadline (for programmes starting in any other month).

Please be advised that your fee status is shown to you during the Pre-Enrolment task within the 'Personal, Financial and Academic details' section. If you believe your fee status is incorrect then you should not finish Pre-Enrolment. Completing the task means that you have accepted your assessed fee status and accept liability for the associated fees. If you have already completed it then you should see the Admissions Fees Status webpage for guidance on appealing.

You will not receive the postgraduate loan payment from Student Finance until you are fully enrolled. You MUST arrange a instalment plan as per the full instructions on the Tuition Fee Instalment Plans before you can be fully enrolled.

You will also need to pay a £50 admin charge and at least 50% of the fee that is not covered by the postgraduate loan if your postgraduate loan does not cover the full cost of your tuition fees. The remaining amount not covered by the loan will be due end of January, in line with current policy for self-funded students. 

Below are the main payment deadlines for students who are paying the postgraduate loan portion by instalments aligned with the receipt of your loan from the Student Finance:

First Instalment Due : 15th October 2024

Second Instalment Due: 15th January 2025

Third Instalment Due: 15th May 2025

You will be charged a reduced fee if you are on a full year abroad or placement as part of your course. Please refer to the tuition fee schedules for current fee charges.

You will need to log into the instalment plan portal using your Queen Mary username. This will be in the format ab123456 and is sent to you by Queen Mary IT services within 72 hours of being sent the email inviting you to complete Pre-Enrolment. If you have not received this username or are unable to log in, please contact IT services.

An unpaid fees flag is placed on the records of students with overdue fees. The outstanding fee might be tuition fees, a field trip, or other charges. You can view your fee account under the My Finances section on MySIS. If you need further information about this outstanding amount or believe that there is an error, please contact the Fees office.

You may also be flagged for unpaid fees if you are a sponsored student and we have not yet processed your sponsor letter.  If you believe this may be the case with your red flag, please contact

If you are a new student unable to pay your fees, you won’t fully enrol until you have paid your tuition fees or arranged an instalment plan.

If you are enrolled and unable to pay your fees by the deadline, please refer to Section 19: 'Failure to Pay' of the Tuition Fee Regulations.

Please refer to the Advice and Counselling funding guides for further information about financial support. If you need any further assistance, please email

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