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Being at Queen Mary is not just about studying, it's about study well. The exam season is here again, and we want to support YOU and help YOU in this often stressful time. As part of your exam support, we will be running drop-ins and workshops, and fun, stress-free and relaxing sessions.

There is plenty going on across campus, so if you need help with your study and revision or a break from your revision or just need to take your mind off exams, download or/and pick up the Exam Planner to help you. 

All the University activities in the Exam Planner are FREE. 


Student Life:

As part of study well and to help you during the exam season we have an ongoing stall in the Mile End library Foyer. So head over and grab yourself a FREE snack (subject to availability), exam planner, colouring sheets, information on mental health support, wellbeing trail, positive affirmations and information on the Buddy Scheme!

QM Student Life x QMSU Iftar (Mile End): 14th March, 6.07pm, Library Square

QM Student Life x QMSU Iftar (Whitechapel): 21st March, 6.19pm, The Griff Inn

Take a break from your studies to join Muslim students and colleagues to break fast together as a community. Everyone is welcome, regardless of whether you are fasting or not.

QM Music Society presents Sound in Ground: 10th April, 5pm - 6pm, Ground Café

Sit back, relax and enjoy a moment of mindfulness as you listen to brilliant performances by the QM Music society in Ground Café!

QM Music End of Term Concert: 15th April, 7pm, The Octagon

Unwind with an unforgettable night filled with music and fun! Join us for performances by the QMBL Orchestra, QM Choir, QM Acapella Group, and QM Wind Band! Get ready to groove to amazing performances by talented musicians from our university; it’s the perfect way to wrap up the term.

Art Workshop: 30th April, 2pm - 4pm, St Benet's Chaplaincy

Join us for a FREE art workshop with local artist Finn Yvo at St Benet's Chaplaincy from 2pm to 4pm!


Residential Life:

Kyoto Garden Trip (residents-only): 21th April, 1pm meet at Residence’s Reception

Nestled in West London’s Holland Park is a beautiful Japanese garden, with tranquil waterfalls, Japanese maple trees and a beautiful koi pond. Take a break from your studies and join us for some relaxation.

Study Café at QM Social (residents-only): 25th April, 11am- 1pm, QM Social

Do you love the café study vibe, but wish you could have it a little closer to home? This Study Well season we’re turning QM Social into a café and study hub for one night only!

The Crossrail Place Roof Garden (residents-only): 11th May, 1pm at Residence’s Reception

Join us for a relaxing stroll through London’s largest rooftop garden, full of exotic trees and refreshing sky views. With plentiful seating, occasional music performances and a restaurant/bar on-site, this is the perfect place to brighten up your studies, or to take a well-earned break!

Bob Ross Painting on the Canal (residents-only): 17th May, 5pm - 7.30pm, Canalside

Bob Ross once said, “You can do anything you want. This is your world.” It’s time to embody Bob and take the world, so we’ll be donning our curly wigs and painting Mile End’s beautiful canal. All skill levels welcome, and don’t forget: “There are no mistakes, just happy accidents.”

Ice Cream Tour (residents-only): May (please check ResLife website for details)

I scream, you scream, we all scream… for ice cream! Check out the ResLife website to find out how you can grab your free ice cream. 


Advice and Counselling Service:

ACS x HSS x S&E: Pomodoro Sessions: 8th April - 24th May, 3pm - 5pm, Graduate Centre (various rooms)

The Pomodoro Technique involves breaking your work into manageable 25-minute intervals, each followed by a short break. This approach has proven effective in boosting productivity, concentration, and minimising procrastination. Adopting the Pomodoro Technique can help you organise your study sessions efficiently, maintain focus, and prevent burnout. We encourage you to drop in at any time during the sessions, running on Monday and Thursday afternoons, to discover how this technique can positively impact your study routine.



Dissertation Sessions: 4th April - 30th July, Online

Writing your dissertation is likely to be one of the biggest written projects you have undertaken so far. In these workshops, we explore the writing and research process, techniques for organisation and productivity, how to write more critically, and strategies to get you started and keep you going. Book your spot here.

One-to-One sessions (Academic Skills): Ongoing, Online

We offer one-to-one sessions to help you with your academic reading, writing, organisation and presentation skills. Book your appointment here.

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