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Mental wellbeing

Find out more about the support and resources available for Queen Mary staff.

Mental wellbeing

How to monitor your mental health 

Mental health is part of our overall health. A good barometer for the quality of our mental health is shown by: 

  • How we feel, think and behave  
  • How we cope with the ups and downs of everyday life
  • How we feel about ourselves and our life
  • How we see ourselves and our future
  • How we deal with negative things that happen in our life
  • How stress affects us 

How to seek support 

When you are struggling with poor mental health, it is vital to have access to somebody with accurate and helpful information about support and resources. If you feel you need support in seeking help, or even just somebody to talk to, our Mental Health First Aiders (MHFAiders) are here to help. Our MHFAiders have been trained to actively listen without judgment and signpost to appropriate services where necessary. 

Student support

Explore the wellbeing support options available for students at Queen Mary.

Student wellbeing hub
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