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Managing stress

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) provide guidance designed to help line managers hold initial conversations with employees as part of an employer’s journey towards preventing work-related stress.

Preventing Work-related Stress

The following steps can help:

  • Hold recommended regular 1:1s with your staff to allow space for discussion around wellbeing and work-related stress.
  • The HSE toolkits listed below could help provide some questions and guidance on the common causes of stress and encourages you to consider strategies to address certain issues.
  • These conversations can fit into an existing 1:1 or a new meeting could be setup solely to discuss wellbeing and work-related stress. They could focus on one topic, or cover all six areas of the management standards.
  • Enrol on the wellbeing workshops (see below for details) to understand how to manage and prevent work-related stress.


The toolkits listed below are essential reads to facilitate your role as a line manager and manage wellbeing in teams:

Managing Workplace Wellbeing

Organisational & Professional Development and Queen Mary Academy offer wellbeing workshops aimed at supporting teams and managing individual wellbeing.

Enrol by searching for ‘wellbeing’ on the CPD booking system.


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