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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

The ATLAS Open Data Project

ATLAS project posterThe ATLAS Open Data project project uses data from the Large Hadron Collider at CERN which has been made publically available. By using the same statistical techniques that particle physicists use with this data, they will search for evidence of particles like the Higgs boson and investigate the properties of the fundamental building blocks of nature and how these interact with one another.

ATLAS Student Guide [PDF 3,025KB]
ATLAS Open Data resources

Loaded Dice statistical significance resource

The teacher guide can be found in the teacher area — please contact us if you're unable to access it.

Examples of Previous Work

Here are some examples of good quality work previously presented by students at our Research in Schools conference.

Posters: Poster 1 [PDF 1,111KB] Poster 2 [PDF 5,493KB]
Talks: Talk 1 [PDF 821KB]

Project lead

The ATLAS Open Data project is currently led by Dr Seth Zenz, who has worked on both the ATLAS and Compact Muon Solenoid experiments at the LHC. It was previously led by Dr Eram Rizvi, the head of the ATLAS group at QMUL who is involved in the searches for evidence of physics beyond the Standard Model at CERN such as extra dimensions, micro black holes and quantum gravity.


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