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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

Graduate programme in String/Field Theory

General information

Starting from 2006 the String Theory Group at Queen Mary has been organising a series of short courses on advanced topics in String/Field Theory. Each course consists of approximatively 4-12 hours of lectures and lasts 2-4 weeks. Lectures are held at the School of Physics on Mile End Campus and are open to all graduate students in Physics or Mathematics in the London area.

A list of current and past courses can be found here


The courses are modelled after those usually offered by international schools (like the ones of European RTN-networks). The aim is not to offer a systematic introduction to String and Quantum Field Theory, but rather to help students to fill the gap between the "basic" PhD courses and what is often needed in day-to-day research.


If you intend to follow one of these courses or have any questions or proposals, please contact a member of the organising committee:

Costis Papageorgakis
Enrico Andriolo

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