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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences


The Centre runs a vibrant and multi-faceted research programme in condensed matter and materials physics, encompassing both experimental and simulation/theoretical approaches. We are interested in a wide range of materials, including organic materials, oxides and related inorganic materials, metals, glasses and liquids, magnetic materials, and hybrid materials. The scientific problems we tackle are driven by the need for a fundamental understanding of materials properties and behaviour, whether directly applied to potential applications or of a more underpinning nature. Examples include opto-electronic materials, organic semiconductors, disorder crystalline materials and phase transitions, nanoscale materials include carbon fullerenes and nanotubes, origin of the glass transiton, and magnetic materials.

In order to play a leading role in research across a broad portfolio of subject areas, we have expertise in a number of different experimental and computational techniques, with dedicated facilities and access to shared college facilities. We also make extensive use of national facilities such as beams of neutrons, muons and synchrotron radiation, and high-performance computing. We also have a wide group of collaborators, whether in other schools in the college, or from other institutes within the UK and international. One feature of much of our work is that there is a strong interdisciplinary component.

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