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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

Experimental Facilities

CCMMP Laboratories

In the last few years, over £2M has been invested in our laboratories, from SRIF and research council awards. We operate a class-10,000 clean room containing state-of-the-art organic deposition systems (including two Kurt J. Lesker OLED deposition systems), optical and magneto-electrical characterisation facilities, photolithography and ellipsometry. In other laboratories, we operate equipment for the production of nanotubes and functionalised fullerines, laser ablation facilities to produce nanoparticles, Raman spectrometer, a 7T cryomagnet with optical access and sample temperature between 1.5 and 400K, world leading high-pressure facilities, raman and IR spectroscopy, an OPO with a tuneable wavelength 200 - 1500 nm for photoluminescence spectroscopy, a time-of-flight spectrometer and equipment to perform dark-injection measurements. 

CCMMP laboratories now host advanced Renishaw inVia Raman confocal microscope. More information and how to gain access visit Access to Raman system

MRI Laboratories

The CCMMP is part of the Materials Research Institute (MRI), which is the focal point for materials research at QMUL offering , involving researchers from four departments. Over the last few years, characterisation equipment within the MRI has been completely modernised using SRIF funds exceeding £5 million as well as income gained from research. SRIF funding within MRI has also been used to establish two new major central research facilities including the Centre for Imaging and Analysis - NanoVision - which houses a new FEGSEM and ESEM and the Central X-ray Diffraction Facility (XDF), offering diffraction facilities for powder and single-crystal crystallography using Cu, Mo and Ag radiation.

SEMS Laboratories

The School benefits from an excellent range of experimental and computational facilities and resources, which support research activity in all five divisions: For further details please visit the SEMS Research Facilities page.

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