School of Economics and Finance


Undergraduate Entry Requirements:

  • If you are an applicant with marks of 4 or 5 for all subjects in the Attestat/Svidetel’ stvo o Srednem Obrazovanii (Certificate of Secondary Education), you can use the SAT route to show that you are eligible to be considered for direct entry onto an undergraduate SEF course (with standard English language requirements), or you can apply for one of the undergraduate SEF courses with an integrated Foundation year.
  • Alternatively, you can first do a stand-alone Foundation programme year, e.g. the QM International Foundation Programme in Humanities and Social Sciences.
  • The Attestat/Svidetel’stvo o SrednemObrazovanii (Certificate of Completed Secondary Education) alone is not sufficient for entry onto an undergraduate SEF course.
  • Diploma of Specialised Secondary Education: A minimum of 4/5 overall in a related discipline, including 4/5 in Mathematics. Must also have good marks in the Attestat. Plus standard English language requirements.


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