School of Economics and Finance

2010 Working papers

Paper No.TitleAuthors
No. 665: Teaching Economics As a Science: The 1930 Yale Lectures of Ragnar Frisch Olav Bjerkholt, Duo Qin,
No. 673: A Nonlinear Panel Model of Cross-sectional Dependence George Kapetanios, James Mitchell, Yongcheol Shin,
No. 661: Modelling of the Inflation-Unemployment Tradeoff from the Perspective of the History of Econometrics Duo Qin,
No. 666: Spanish Regional Unemployment Revisited: The Role of Capital Accumulation Roberto Bande, Marika Karanassou,
No. 675: Competition of E-Commerce Intermediaries Alexander Matros, Andriy Zapechelnyuk,
No. 671: Jury Discrimination in Criminal Trials Shamena Anwar, Patrick Bayer, Randi Hjalmarsson,
No. 664: Developing Country Business Cycles: Revisiting the Stylised Facts Rachel Male,
No. 662: Forecasting Government Bond Yields with Large Bayesian VARs Andrea Carriero, George Kapetanios, Massimiliano Marcellino,
No. 668: The Wage-Productivity Gap Revisited: Is the Labour Share Neutral to Employment? Marika Karanassou, Hector Sala,
No. 670: Optimal Mechanisms for an Auction Mediator Alexander Matros, Andriy Zapechelnyuk,
No. 659: Long-term Nexus of Industrial Pollution and Income in China Duo Qin,
No. 658: Multivariate Methods for Monitoring Structural Change Jan J.J. Groen, George Kapetanios, Simon Price,
No. 672: Business Cycle Persistence in Developing Countries: How Successful is a DSGE Model with a Vertical Production Chain and Sticky Prices? Rachel Male,
No. 674: Decision Rules for Experts with Opposing Interests Tymofiy Mylovanov, Andriy Zapechelnyuk,
No. 660: Is the Chinese Currency Substantially Misaligned to Warrant Further Appreciation? Duo Qin, Xinhua He,
No. 676: On the Impossibility of Regret Minimization in Repeated Games Karl Schlag, Andriy Zapechelnyuk,
No. 663: Developing Country Business Cycles: Characterising the Cycle Rachel Male,
No. 667: Exchange Rate Misalignments: Historical Experience of Japan, Germany, Singapore and Taiwan Compared to China Today Duo Qin, Xinhua He, Yimeng Liu,
No. 669: Econometric Studies of Business Cycles in the History of Econometrics Duo Qin,